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[APP][Pro] TomTom EV Service

TomTom EV Service - Real-time charging station availability


With this app you can add a Charging Station to your Homey.
For example a public charging station near your Home.
You’ll get availability insights in your Homey.

Useful links

Current features:

  • Get Charging Stations
  • Get availability
  • Get Occupied

Supported Languages:

  • :uk: English
  • :netherlands: Dutch

If you appreciate this app, contribute to future development by making a paypal contribution
or buy me a coffee on Ko-Fi

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Apps made by @martijnpoppen

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Live version and Test version

Changelog can be viewed on the app page.

To do:

  • Currently no items

Known Issues:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Obtaining an free API key:

TomTom is so nice to give 50K free requests per day!
All you have to do is obtain a Free API Key (no creditcard required)

1. Register your account at https://developer.tomtom.com/user/register
2. Activate your email account by clicking the activation link in you inbox
3. Then go to you dashboard or click: Login | User account | TomTom Developer Portal | Maps APIs and SDKs for Location Applications
4. And copy your API Key (the text in red):

Q2: Adding a Charging Station

  • When adding an new charging station, paste in the API key from step 4 and press Login
  • Type in the name or street of you desired charging station and press Search
  • Select the changing station you were looking for and press Next
  • Select your connection type (or select all)
  • Click next
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