[APP][Pro] TomTom EV Service

First signs are good, I get frequent updates. Perfect!

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Seems to be working 100% - I cannot see any bugs at this point in time.

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Awesome! Already pushed it to Athom.
So will go live on monday :slight_smile:

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Works great here too, dont know if i understand correctly but, the new totalports availibility isnt reflected in the insights is that correct?

@matrover Where did you see the totalports availability?

Sorry maybe i dont get the added feature? The total ports availability is whatis added right?

No I added a new flowcard which just triggers on any update in the available amount.

So the previous flowcard triggered when a port became available (true/false)
Now there’s a tirgger flowcard which always fires when theres a change in the available ports.

E.g.: A charger has 4 ports- all of them are occupied. So once there’s 3 occupied both flowcards will trigger. But when later 2 ports are occupied the new flowcard will trigger again

New app update (live: 1.2.0):

1. NEW: add amount changed trigger flowcard

@matrover If you want I can add the total ports and outofservice + unknown fields. But these will be added as a insight and not in the capabilty list as it will be a mess if there are multiple ports

Ah thanks, i didnt get the new feature, but i understand it now. thanks!

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Working like a charm!
Thanks Martijn - really appreciated.
This has been the fastest feature request ever :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work.


I can not select connector(s) when installing a new device (ev Allego charger). The field is completely blank, nothing selectable.
Obviously a flow card triggers an error message for a missing argument. I tried different browsers to add a device, no luck.
Does anybody have the same?

Homey Pro

Hey @Ruud_Verrijk
Can you send a diagnostic report?

Yes. Here is the code:

Thank you for looking into it.

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New app update (TEST: 1.2.1):

1. FIX: Update
2. FIX: Pairing process

@Ruud_Verrijk I made a fix. It’s available in the test version of the app. you can install that by going to this link : TomTom EV Service | Homey

Can you check if it fixes it for you?

There was a update in the TomTom API which causes the error

New app update (LIVE: 1.2.1):

1. FIX: Update
2. FIX: Pairing process

A connector is shown now. The device installs correctly, no error message when querying. Looks good.
I have a few flows running for this charger to see if I get push notifications when availability changes.

One thing I have to check: I see a single connection in the device and I know there are two physical 11 kW connections at the charger. These are not separately identified in the device, so picking a specific connection seems not possible.

@Ruud_Verrijk is there a differene in the connector type?
Because that’s basically what the connector list does. if there are multiple connection types you can select those which you want to have for your car and it will show availability per power level

This is the window I see when I add a new device: