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The app is based on discovered APIs → Tesla Motors Club
The APIs from the changer can change without any notice and the APP will need to be updated when changed.

Supported Devices

  • Tesla Wall Connector Gen 3


  • The TWC can’t be controlled.

Development plan

I welcome anyone to join the project and help with the development, send me a PM and we will find a solution.

Phase one:

  • Set up the device with all capabilities, the chargers deliver a lot of information.
  • Get good names on the capabilities, names that make sense.

If you see any names that should be changed, please leave a comment.

Phase two:

  • Add Triggers
  • Add Conditions
  • There will not be any actions as there are no
    control APIs available for the charger.

If you have any requests for triggers or conditions, please leave a comment.

Phase three

  • Translation
  • Adding new features if Tesla exposes more APIs for the charger

Information shown in settings

Other information

I recommend taking a look at Wall Monitor
Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

Great app! Finally being able to read and use the data of it!
Pretty shocking to see there is a difference between the Shelly EM that is connected to the charger (3250 kWh) and the total energy being read from this app (3600 kWh)…

It would be useful if we could use the current charging power W as an indicator for the device icon, it’s the only one that isn’t available in the list.

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I use custom capabilities for power and voltage to change the icons, Homey should support them. I need to figure this why my custom capabilities are not usable as indicators.

New v1.4.2 is out in test:
Should be possible to set all capabilities as status indicators, you probably need to remove and add the device again to make them visible.
Decoded SSID



Is it possible to stop&start charging or only read data?


It’s not any possibility to control the TWC, it currently only delivers data.

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A new version is out in test v1.4.3:

  • Added more data from the TWC.
  • Change names for some of the capabilities to make them a bit more clear
  • Removed Norwegian translation, as I will focus on the English part first.

The next step is to add triggers for the charge and contractor state.

When that’s done I’m open to suggestions, so please let me know if you miss something :blush:

Hi all,

I moved the source from GitLab to GitHub.
Renamed the app to “Tesla Power Connect”, as to not confuse it with the Tesla Inc brand name “Tesla Wall Connector”

Hi all,

There seems to be an issue with the voltage reported for the TWC with firmware version 22.41.2+gdb42f98c0aafdd (Voltage bug on 22.41.2 Gen3 HPWC Firmware? | Tesla Motors Club)

I’m with test v1.4.8 I’ve added 10v to the power calculations, and this seems to work for 230v with three phases. I’ve not changed the voltage values shown in the app but will do so when I get confirmation about the new power usage calculation.

Hi @Rune_Vaernes , thanks for a great app!
I’m trying to add a «power by the hour»-Device to track power usage and cost of charging but i cant fetch the «total energy» value found in the TWC-device settings. Is there anyway to do this? And if not, is there a chance you can enable this?


I need to expose the value as a capability for you to pick it up, it’s only in the settings currently. I will do it as soon as I’ve got time for another development run.


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Hi @MHanaes
Added the capability to the test version Tesla Power Connect | Homey


Works great! Thanks alot! :heart:

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Is it possible to have a card for the status of it’s connected / disconnected aka plugged in or not. I want a flow to remind me to plug in the car before my free power hour. Like when time is 9pm and tw3 is disconnected send notification

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I will add a flow card with the connection state of the charger, not sure when I get the time butI hope it’s release within next week.


Hi all,

Sorry, I’ve been busy with summer holidays.
I will add “isCharging” as soon as possible. There seems to be some issues with HP23, so you HP23 users out there please leave a comment in this chat about your experiences.


Only for Information:

Good morning, i have a Problem with the App “Tesla Power Connect”. I got a new Version tonight v.1.5.2 and now i have no connetion anymore to my Wallbox.
Update: I try to connect my Wallbox new and he install a new Device, which are working. So i delete my “old” device.

Now its working.

Greetings Christian

Good that you got it up and running again.

Hi @Rune_Vaernes
Q1: Any progress in regards to enabling control over charging power/current?

Q2: And is there any possibility to identify which vehicle connected (vehicle ID or similar)? I’ve added my TWC to the official Tesla iOS app and the app seems to be able to identify this (see screenshot).
This would make it easier to adjust charging power of the right vehicle through Bjørnar Almlis «Tesla Smart Charger»-app if the solution to Q1 is far out / not feasable.

(This is not meant as nagging. I really appreciate the app as it is today, but I’m really excited about what possibilities will open up as Tesla develops its API :slight_smile: )

Thanks a lot!

Hi @MHanaes, thanks for the Qs :slight_smile:

Q1: There is currently no way to control the TWC, we just have to wait/hope that Tesla exposes a control API in the future.

Q2: The APIs from the TWC do not provide any information about the car being charged, just as in Q1 we just have to wait/hope that Tesla exposes that data.
I’ve got two TWCs and two cars when charging both I can’t differentiate which car is charged with which TWC in the app.

Thanks for you appreciation and cheers,
Rune :beers:

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