[APP][Pro] Verisure

I am working on this known bug.
Source code is no longer open to public.

Another test version up now (3.2.6) since last fixes didn’t work. Please try it.

il report back tomorrow about how it is working with the new uppdate.

I got a strange problem now that i add my own passkode for locking the door but it shows in verisure app that there i another user that are locking the door.

Is there any chance that that is going to be possibel agen? is there a reason for verisure to remove this function from ther sourse code?

3.2.6 looks promising so far.

Before everyone starts spamming that the app has stopped working...

... I'd like to annonunce that the latest version (that actually fixes the latest issues) now caused a huge workload on servers and we need to temporarily pause the app until this is fixed - hopefully in a couple of days (without any promises).

I’ll keep you updated here.


After update it works for a day or so than the status isn’t syncing anymore

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Is it possible to go back to v3.2.5 somehow?

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Restore a backup from an earlier date?
And then turn auto-update off…

I haven’t used backup yet, but I assume that it’s then a backup of everything? It will too cumbersome for me to manually identify the new/changed advanced flows and scripts that I have done :smiley:

Nope, Restore installs latest version from App Store. See here: Homey Backup and Restore - Homey Migration

Ah true that. Forgot about that.

Hello all Verisure users,

First of all, I want to thank you for your patience. The problems that have arisen should now be solved in 3.3.1 (being rolled out right now, but available for testing for those of you who don’t want to wait: Verisure | Homey).

New in this version is that you need an API key. An API key costs a measly €0.99 per month, and is a small sum for the work I put in to maintain, further develop the app and provide all users with support. I hope you’re okay with this and that you think it’s worth the small cost.

Go into the app settings to update your information and get an API key. If you have problems, write a PM and I will help you!

Developer of the Verisure app


Thanks, seems to work, but can you please add so that this app knows “who” opens the Yale Doorman lock that is integrated with Verisure

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Thanks for a great app. Im happy to pay for it to get it working bether and keeping the uppdates going.

But i got a strange problem. When i unlock my door with the verisure system shows that it was my kids kode was used to open the door. But im logged in on the app with my username and alarmkode.

Looking forward to the new rollout. I’m also happy to pay for this app!

There are several people hoping that heat pump controls can be implemented in the app, but I understand you don’t have this device on your hand. However, have you looked at the Python code available on GitHub:

Seems that it has functions for reading and changing parameters towards the heat pump. I don’t know if this is something you could look at and perhaps convert to your app?

Great that it works again. What about Verisure climate sensors, will these be supported?

I don’t mind paying for an app, 1 time payment. But i do mind having to pay a rental fee, Being on the hook for ever. Please come up with a one time fee. I did not buy a BMW just because of this – heated seat rental fee.
If this becomes the new thing for Homey, it will be in the dumpster faster than you can say Verisure.

This app is missing an essential element: When: a general alarm is ON… When: a smoke detector alarm is on…

Well, I created an API got sucessful verification, but was not able to select system.
Was after some min throwed out…

Turning on or og the alarm dosent work either