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Yes, I will add to todo!


You probably have the same code as your kids. Alarm is not disarmed by the signed in Verisure user but rather just by the code.

Hi, I am getting this error:
I have turned off 2FA. Has anyone a solution? Or seen this Error?

On my todo :yum:

Have you really turned off 2FA on the specific user?

When i check, here is the page i see. Also when i log into Verisure i only use a password - nothing more. There is only one user. Me :slight_smile:

We dont have any nubers that are the same :see_no_evil:

I agree with @RuneTun. I’m also happy to pitch in and contribute to the developer, however a subscription doesn’t feel right.

I want the api key, €0,99 is it worth, but one time payment should be better, doesn’t feel right to do a monthly payment for the app.

Only problem… I don’t have a creditcard, so how can I pay for the API now?

Can’t really understand your comparison. Your car is delivered clean, but you pay continuously to wash it. It is up to you.

Most users pay Verisure a significantly larger amount each month. If €0.99/month is not worth it to you, maybe you don’t need the integration.

I spend a large amount of hours each month supporting and improving the app on my spare time. As the number of users grow, the amount of work grows, and it has come to a point where I need to make it worth it.


From my point of view, I understand fully that many people benefit from your work and it’s not more than fair that we contribute. The question is rather if there could be some other way, other than a subscription?

So this is not a question of the time and effort you put in, absolutely not. More an option to contribute in another way :slightly_smiling_face:

I have already got the API-subscription, by the way!


The point is: Having a monthly fee is one more thing i have to keep an eye on. There is so much credit card fraud. I am not saying anyone here is fraudulent, but how do i know? And yes Verisure is the most expensive alarm system available and has the highest monthly fee. I would much rather pay 30euro one time then pay 1euro every month. It just tastes bad. I built my system around Verisure, so now i am forced to pay the fee - bad taste.
Now that being said, i am also a developer, and have NO ISSUE paying someone for their hard work. and so far Verisure app has been adequate for the job. But please find a better way - 1 time payment.

Or do like Homey Backup, Yearly fee, where we can pay in different ways.


If everyone took payment for their apps, Homey will die. This is supposed to be community software where contributing to the developer is a choice.

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Contrary to others, my view is that a monthly subscription is more appropriate for this service. I want this app to have be actively developed for as long as possible, and I feel a subscription gives a much better monetary incentive for the developer to do this than a one-time payment. If the entire current user base paid a one-time fee, the ongoing incentive for further development would be smaller. With a subscription, if the app stops being updated or working, enough users will unsubscribe for this to revenue stream to decrease substantially. I have no reason to distrust this particular developer, but in general I’m situations like this, with a subscription there is much less risk that the developer is looking to “cash in” and then lose interest in this project. (Personally, I would be fine with paying even more for this project, if this ensured even more active development.)

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This app was working until the recent updates, up till today i’m still offline to Verisure. I can’t see any changes that are helpful besides payment. I had homey setup with no app updates. Un-Lucky for me, i dropped my homey and broke it. Having to restore from a backup to a new Homey. Witch installed the newest versions of all of the software. Causing all kinds of issues including this one. So be careful what you wish for.

Helpful update:

  1. Working.
  2. Trigger: when the general alarm is activated.
  3. Trigger: when the fire alarm is activated.

The problem here is: we are opening the door to forced payment. I have 30 or so apps, none of them are forced payments, i have no knowledge of any other paid apps on Homey.
There is a pretty hefty discussion about "paid apps* on the Homey developer site without a solution. Why? This could potentially kill Homey. One paid app is survivable. but would you buy Homey if most of the apps where on subscription. For me the answer is NO, NO way, no chance. This is why its called community software and Homey has not developed a payment method for paid apps.


Still having to restart the app to make it work. Version 3.3.1. Now even more frequently. Every 30 minutes to an hour the app stops working for me

I agree with you, @RuneTun. For me this is nice to have, not need to have. Why not have a free version that only reads status like door/lock status, temperature and such, and a paid version where you can control the alarm system from Homey.

I think it’s fine to support development with a one-time fee and/or donations. As others say for Homey it’s a dangerous line to cross with subscription based apps. Why not involve Verisure and make them sponsor the app. This could be a selling point for Verisure compared to their competition.


please send a diagnostic report and give me the ID

Will the new 2FA that Verisure announced this week affect the Homey App?

I haven’t heard anything. What about it?