Is it possible to use Verisure notifications (sms, email, push) to start Homey flows?


Does anyone has any experience with using the Verisure notifications by email, sms or push, to start Home flows? Maybe via IFTTT?

Some background for this question.
I used both Homey Verisure apps (Adam Noren and Skynet ICT) and it looks like both have the same issue. Devices do connect, including the alarm system. But the alarm system stops sharing information after a couple of days working properly. I have seen some posts about the fact that Verisure does not like polling status more frequent than once in 30 minutes => I have changed the frequency in the Adam Noren app to 30 minutes, but still no changes in alarm status detected.

I used the alarm setting to start flows when we go to bed (partially activated) or leave the house (activated), and with use of variables storing last status also when waking up (from partially activated to deactivated) or coming home (from fully activated to deactivated). If the 30 minutes polling would solve the issue of not receiving anything anymore, that would not be sufficient for waking up and coming home as I want flows to start immediately.

So I am looking for other solutions. And I hope the notification of Verisure can help out here.

I do know there are other solutions too with “presence” in Homey (sleeping, waking up, going away and coming home), but that will not always work in our situation. Even more, telling Google Home “Hey Google, tell Homey good night” is not my idea of home automation to be honest. And we do not want to add more switches or buttons or so in the house. The alarm status would be perfect to distinct between all, but then it should be working too which unfortunately is not the case right now.

With kind regards,
Johan Bakkers

Good question! I’m also curious about this :slight_smile:

One thing is already clear: Verisure does not make any distinction between full or partial activation in their sms, email or push notification. It is all “activated”. So if it does work, I have to be creative with how to distinct being away versus going to bed.

Next step is now starting a Homey flow via IFTTT. Never done that before, so I am now trying it out.

No luck yet with catching push messages or sms from verisure via ITFFF to start Homey flow. It look as if I have not set up ITFFF correct for this. I do not have any earlier experience with ITFFF, so have to look further (not a Homey thing, so should not be put here I guess).

I have not found a way to catch emails (gmail) with ITFFF yet. So did not try that yet.

Now also setting up SmartPresence and trying that out for being away or at home. The built in presence function of Homey is not working at all and looking at other threads not working for many people.

Peter, I have come somewhat closer to a good solution or better said the best possible solution as a push from Verisure to Homey with distinction between full or partial activation would be the best solution period, but that is more a Verisure issue. I need to refine it more to fit in my situation.

On the Verisure MyPage you can select the options to send push, email or sms notifications when the alarm is turned on or off (partial is on). I could not get the push and email notifications to work, so I do it with the sms option. I have an Android phone, not sure how it will work with iPhone but I guess pretty similar.

I have installed ITFFF on my Android phone and installed the ITFFF app on the Homey. I have also installed the SmartPresence app on Homey and assigned fixed IP addresses to the phones of me and my wife.

In IFTTT I use the Android SMS trigger “New SMS received matches search”. I have created two flows, one for activation and one for deactivation. In the text field it is enough to enter “activated” or “deactivated” (I am Dutch, so I am not sure if this is the proper text in other languages like English; in Dutch it is “uitgeschakeld” and “ingeschakeld”). Both IFTTT flows will start a specific flow in Homey via the Homey service in IFTTT.

And then it is refinement what to do with it.
We use a Hue Dimmer when we go to sleep. So with the dimmer I know that we are going to bed when the alarm is activated.
With the SmartPresence app I know when we leave the house, so I also know when activation is done when we leave the house.
But there will always be some time in between the actions of the dimmer and setting the alarm, or setting the alarm and being out of reach of the wifi network to trigger the SmartPresence flows.

So therefore I use variables as sleep boolean (Y/N) which is set to yes when the Hue Dimmer is used. I use an alarm activation boolean so I can check that too when we both are outside the wifi and the smart presence triggers are on. And for both of us I created away booleans. So with these combinations I can do a lot of things checking all status when the triggers are set and do proper actions after that when the needed booleans are true.

Still not perfect. Even more because the iphone of my wife is losing connection with the wifi sometimes. So she is triggered as gone, while she is at home. But as long as the alarm is not set, that is not an issue. And even if the alarm is set, it is only an issue when she went to bed while I am still out. And in practice for me that will not create problems but it will depend on what you want to do.

Peter, the Verisure app of Adam Norén has been updated. It is been updated a couple of days ago and since then Homey receives status updates again as before. With a note that after initial installation it was also working fine for a couple of days.