[APP][Pro] Ubiquiti UniFi Protect

What is the current state of face detection possibilities in Unifi Protect for Homey?

Specifically: I would like to purchase the AI Pro cam and set up a flow in Homey that notifies me if someone unknown is detected (but ignores white listed people). Is this possible at the moment, without having to resort to things like Face++ ?

I am trying to do something that I think should be relatively simple, but I can not work it out. I want to get a notification when one of my Unifi cameras spots a person around my house. I can use the event " a smart detectio event" but it is impossible for me to change the tag to person. Does anyone have an example and can help me here?


Would it be possible to create a card to display one of the pre-uploaded image for the doorbell message?

When looking at the list of supported devices I don’t spot the UDM Pro SE nor the Pro Max. Both of them run the same UnifiOS as the Dream Machine Pro.

Does this really mean that they won’t work with this app?

I’ve done some testing with this app in the past and was able to get the following test flow to show a snapshot image on a push message on my phone.

I recently moved the home to an isolated IoT VLAN network. The camera’s are still in the main network. The image that is shown on my phone is shown below:

This is the test flow:

Any suggestions to why the image is not shown? Related to the different VLANs?
If so, any idea on what kind of firewall rule(s) is/are needed to get the image through?

Latest UnifiOS on Cloud Key Gen2+ running latest Protect (4.0.33) & Network (8.2.93).


I have the error: request to https://null/snap.jpeg failed, reason: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND null

At first i thought might be about the MFA so, made a local account on the UCK with a new account and checking the “restrict to local account only” and gave the local account “full management” access to the applications including Unifi Protect. Changed the credentials and tested connection in the Homey Unifi Protect App. All good.

I have rebooted the Ubiquiti UniFi Protect app in Homey, removed the app and added the camera’s again. But keep getting the error: request to https://null/snap.jpeg failed, reason: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND null

Does anyone know how i can fix this?

You can probably fix this by deselecting the option “Use camera snapshot” in the settings of the app, this is only for when you have enabled direct access on the camera it self.

Thanks @PhAnt0m , this brings me one step closer to the desired end result. When testing the flow I can now see the image in the flow when hoovering over the cameras name.
The unfortunate thing is that in the push message itself it still shows the image as shown in my original post.

Do you have an idea why that might happen?
Thanks, Marc

This did the trick, big thanks @PhAnt0m!