Unifi and Homey

Is there any user that usie Unifi Protect together with Homey? How do you use Unifi together with homey in that case?

As far as I know there is no app / integration for UniFi Protect yet, only for UniFi Video.
I would also like to have it :grinning:

Ok! Thanks for your replay. Hope ร  app will come soon :blush::blush:

but you can still use the http://IP/snap.jpeg function of the cameras and add them as virtual camera to homey. Login to web interface of Unify camera first to enable anonymous screenshots.

Hi! I have try that, in that case i have to anmount the Camera from the Unifi protect.
If i do that i have use for the protect-disk!

Or have i not that clear?

I hop that iโ€™m wrong๐Ÿ˜Š

I have three cameras in Unifi Protect. All adopted and working fine.
Go to the IP of one of the cameras with a webbrowser
you will get a login page. Login with ubnt and the password (device password?) that you can find in the Protect portal. After logged in, tick the box for anonymous snapshotting.
Do this for all cameras.
Open homey app, enable in settings: experiments, the virtual device experiment.
Add a virtual camera with the url like http://IP-of-the-camera/snap.jpeg .
Now you can use these virtual cameras in flows.

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Thanks :pray: its working :+1::+1:

How insecure is it with anonymous snapshots? Is there a way to get it to work with the password that works in a normal browser?

the IP addresses of the cameras are only accessible from my home network. And this function give only access to the snapshot. Save enough for me.

The username/password option was removed due to lack of support by browsers and the API access that was part of Unifiy Video is not yet implemented in Protect.