Ubiquiti UniFi Protect

I have a Unifi Dreamstation Pro and uses the “Ubiquiti UniFi Protect” app to connect it to homey.

Configuration of the app works fine. Also i can import all camera’s to homey and make flow with them. But after a short while the camera’s arend working any more and the app has a pause sign after the name. When i restart the app all works fine again for a short while.

I already mailt the developer and also send him the diagnostic code to check the logs. But they are not responding.

Anyone else has the same problem ?

I don’t know specific for this app but…

For instance I have the smartthings (community app) and I’ve set the polling rate (refresh rate) to 60seconds if i send this to fast it will also be paused or bricked,
The same rule is if you activate a flow for instance 50times a second it will also pause.

So open the Homey-Unify app on your phone and check for this polling rate, it maight do the trick

Hello Sebas,

Sounds logical, but the homey-unify app has no setting for polling or refresh

hmmm to bad in that case…Good luck :smiley: