[APP][Pro] Ubiquiti UniFi app

App to detect connected WiFi clients using Ubiquiti UniFi.
Developer: Michel Nederlof.
App page: Ubiquiti UniFi Network App for Homey | Homey

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When creating a new WiFi client device using this app, quickly the currently connected devices are shown and can be selected. It would be nice if all known devices (not only the connected ones) could be selected. I need this to add WiFi devices of e.g. the baby sitter.

i am completely new with this app. Bought a UniFi AC Lite today because my wireless ziggo route did not give a good wifi speed (30 Mbps) and did caused mayor problems with my wifi doorbel. I don’d now if this device (UniFi AC Lite) is usable for “'presence” as mentioned in some other treads. If its possible than how does this work? I can not connect homey to this acces point as homey refuses this. Also can’t get connection

Can anyone help this Unifi Newbie?

How did you configure your AP?
you need a UniFi® Controller for that.

Configure the Homey App settings to the name or IP address of your Controller.

Oke i will start by reading this pdf. i always do this afterwards :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I think i am missing something, during the setup i get the following

in my case is stated “no device found”. if i am correct i need to buy a unifi controller also?


I just started to use the UniFi app. Want to use it for presence detection.
The setup was easy and I made a couple of flows to test.

  • Say bye if i disconnect my phone from wifi
  • Say Hi when I connect my phone to wifi

Problem I encounter is that my phone LG Android stays connected to the cloudkey for about 10 minutes after disabling Wifi on the phone.
So it takes about 10 minutes before Homey says goodbye.

When I turn Wifi back on after 15 minutes it’s connected very fast.
Homey says Hi within a couple of seconds.

So the problem is it takes about 10 minutes to “see” my phone is disconnected.
Don’t think this is a homey problem but wanted to check if you encountered the same issue.

Did you encounter this? If so, how did you solve this?


well to bad but it looks like were not getting any answers to our questions?
Doesn’t anybody have experience with this app\device and is willing to help?


One might be able to use their pc as controller. I bought a cloud key. Still a small investment, but for me it is working for presence detection.

I installed my Unified Controller on a Raspberry Pi and connect from Homey to that IP address

Something like here is explained for running the Unifi Controller:

Oke thank you for the answer. Is that realy all i need to have presence working for me. Another 80 Euro’s isn’t what i call a smal investement therefore i need to be sure. Next month looks like homey V2.0 is coming. Maybe pressence wil also work than? Whats wise in this case?

Thanks again for the answer but when i look at what i need and need to do … Dificult again.
I am not that far into domotica so i need a bit easy solution. Maybe beter to wait voor Homey 2.0 or buy the cloud key
Thanks anyway

My cloud key isn’t working (at all)
Always showing offline. When I reset it it’s up and running for about a day, than it’s offline again.
About to kickout all my Unify stuff :frowning:

Please tell me where you’re gonna kick it to so I can catch it :wink:

Trust me you won’t use it.
Not sure if mine is broken or something else is wrong.
Can’t figure it out, their support team couldn’t help me either…

Do you have the cloudkey connected to a POE switch? (with the proper POE implementation).
If not, try swapping the power supply/plug, since it needs to have stable power.

Also, does it show offline from a wired connection?

I have a complete Unifi setup (USG, switches, AP’s) and never experienced the issues you describe.
Should the issue persist, I would have it RMA’d, if still under warranty.

Never had offline problems with my cloud key, setup is working. Do note that WiFi connectivity is variational over different phones. iPhone of my wife is often loosing connection for short periods (guess some power save). My Samsung S8 is 100% correctly detected.

As soon as I saw your reply I order a POE injector. (like the one you get with the AC’s)
Will be in later today. Will post my findings later on.


Turns out my cloudkey was broken.
New one came in today, so hopefully my cloudkey nightmare is over :wink:

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I experience the same.
Is there a setting in the Controller or Homey I can adjust so it detects a disconnect sooner?


I don’t encounter this myself.
I have the Unify software running on a Raspberry Pi. The delay is less than a minute in general (I have a flow that turns on the lights when a specific phone connects to the wifi after a certain time).

The main delay I experience is caused by Android (not sure if iOS is faster) that it doesn’t connect straight away.