Ubiquiti Unifi for Device Presence in Rooms

The Unifi Ubiquiti App is great.
I am trying to use the App for Device Presence detection in rooms.
That means, that is have an Unifi AP in each room. Like this i can track witch device is in witch room.

For the moment my setup works with better logic and i have counters that make +/- 1 for each room if a device roames from one to the other AP. But for the moment with the Unifi Home App its only possible to see the new AP on device connection or AP roaming. So i have to work with variables for the last connectes AP.

It would be nice if the trigger device dis/connected send the last/new AP as variable and also at the AP roaming it would be nice to see the last connected AP as variable not only the new one. Of course it would be even better if its possible to integrate the whole Room Presence Detection in the Unifi App.
On every connection, disconnection roeaming and so on a counter for each room/AP counts for every device +1 for the new AP and -1 for the last. Like this i have always the overview how many devices are connected with witch AP. As an example, if mine and the phone of my wife is connected at the sleepingroom AP i can turn of all lights…

I can’t find a way to reach the App developer in the homey forum or on the unifi App Homepage. Only the possibility to add a rating an the App Homepage.

Can someone tell my how i can reach the App developer?

What do you think about my idea? Or is someone else doing the same thing a better way than i?
My goal is to see witch devices are connected with witch AP and in my case that means in witch room.

note UDM Pro won’t work