Connection Home Assistant to Homey


So since a friend of mine installed HA a few days ago, and when we fooled around with it i found a cool integration with unifi that let HA turn PoE on/off on a unifi switch. That gave me an idea to be able to turn on and off all my indoor IP cameras when im home or away. I dont want my indoor cameras to even be on when im home.

So basically i would like my flows to go like this, when the alarm is activated i will also send a request to HA to turn on my desired PoE ports that has cameras. When its disarmed the other way around.

I found some documentation on github, but im struggling with one part. How do you install this application on homey? I cant find any app.

Install the application on your Homey and then go into the application settings.

Fill in the correct address (e.g. and the access token you have created inside home-assistant and then press “Save changes”.

In case you have entered the correct settings it should show “Successfully connected”.

Now you can add the devices you want to use within Homey

something like i found on the search :wink:

First you need to know what to search for. I didnt even know how what node was :stuck_out_tongue: But thanks, got it installed :slight_smile: