Problems discovering devices on unifi network

Hi, I am new to Homey world and I have problem using aitomatic discovery of my devices in a unifi network. Has anyone had that issues? Thanks…

Maybe ask in the App thread,
are you using this app: [APP][Pro] Ubiquiti UniFi Network

Thank you. The thread talks about an app but I can not see where I should get this app.

What App or What discovery are you talking about than ?


I have Homey (not Pro) and it can not discover any devices on unifi network. Unifi app for Homey is only for Homey Pro.

Do you have a Homey (cloud) (subscription) with or without Bridge

I have 3 months of cloud subscription right now! (I don’t know what you mean about bridge).

You said it yourself: the Unifi app is only available for Homey Pro.

Which devices would you expect or hope to discover?

Zeebee 220v power switches that I have 15 of.

Yes thats why I asked how Homey can discover automatically the devices in an unify network. Sombody suggested an app for unifi.

Judging by your previous post, your question is actually “How can Homey control my Zeebee power switches?” It doesn’t seem relevant that they are connected to a Unifi network.

I can’t find anything on that brand, but I’m about 99% sure that you can’t use them with Homey Cloud. Possibly with Homey Pro, if they are Tuya devices, but like I said, I can’t find anything on the “Zeebee” brand (or do you mean “Zigbee”?).

Yes I am sure Tuya devices. I have an app Smart Life that controls them. My initial question was, why Homey can not discover these devices in a list when I want to add devices. Is it because of the unifi network limitation or something else!

Well, you didn’t mention what type of devices, and from your question it seemed that you were looking for a way to find Unifi devices, which is why someone mentioned the Unifi app.

Tuya devices are only supported by Homey Pro.

Thank ypu Robert for takibg time to answer alle these questions. I must return this Homey because it seems it is useless! I can not get Homey Pro. It is not available right now. Thank you

Tuya Zigbee plugs should work with Homey bridge, using the Homey generic zigbee ‘app’.
But, then you’ll have to buy a Homey bridge for zigbee support.

Thank you. My Homey is a Homey bridge. I try that.

I found Zigbee generic app but it says only for homey pro. I can not install it.

(Homey = the cloud app
Homey bridge = additional hardware to add local radios like zigbee, zwave etc. to Homey)
When you own a bridge, you can do this:

Just add a new device
Then, choose Homey

Then, choose zigbee

Enable smart plug pairing mode, and it should connect.
I hope it works for you now!

Thank you! I must try the way you explained with illustrations. :pray:

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