Unifi NVR Cloud Key V2

I just purchased a Unifi NVR Cloud Key 2 and want to connect the Homey App to it. The app is asking for the name of the NVR - I know this name - and the API key. Where can I find the API key or how and where can I obtain it?

From the README:

  • Create a user in the UniFi Video web interface that belongs to a group that has permissions view camera and edit camera .
  • Enable API access for this user and note/copy the API key.

The Cloudkey 2 Plus runs Unifi Protect instead of Unifi Video v3

Hi Robert. Thank you for your reply. Can you please show me via a URL and/or print screen where I need to do this?

See page 25/26 of the Unifi video manual
but I doubt you are using this software…

No, because I don’t have that device. If the README doesn’t correspond with what you’re seeing, your device is likely to be running different software (as @oklie has suggested).

For Unifi Protect, you could perhaps take a look at the instructions here, but it’s likely that your device just isn’t supported by the Homey app.

although you cannot use the Unifi Video app you can still grab screenshots with the Image Grabber app. make sure you enable ‘anonymous screenshot access’ in your Unifi G3 camera.

Hopefully someone will update the Unifi video app for Homey to support Unifi Protect :slight_smile:


Is there some news about this app ? :slight_smile:

Any news yet?

I don’t think so

Any news if there will be a UniFi Protect app for Homey?

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Has anyone heard anything about UniFi Protect app for Homey?

I would like to share my interest in a Unifi Protect app (or update of the existing app to work with Protect).

My setup also has the Unifi NVR Cloud Key 2. API access to the Unifi protect setup (and thus not the Unifi video setup) is not yet implemented by Ubnt. It may be in the future. As suggested, you can get image grabs from your camera by directly logging into the camera itself.

In my case a camera image (Unifi G3 Flex) is pushed to my phone once a contact sensor activates and I am not at home.

There is no public api docs for Unifi Protect (Unifi NVR Cloud Key 2 Plus). I have a Cloud key to lean for a week so i know now how i can get an snapshot and last motion time and the camera’s.

When i have spare time i will update the Unifi package.


Heeft iemand een ‘Unifi NVR Cloud Key 2 Plus’ en wil mij de komende 2 maanden toegang geven? Graag zou ik wel directe toegang willen dus een poort openen binnen je modem/router en deze doorsturen naar je Cloud Key. Ik kan daar bij helpen!

Does anyone have a “Unifi NVR Cloud Key 2 Plus” and want to give me access in the coming 2 months? I would like to have direct access so open a port within your modem / router and send it to your Cloud Key. I can help with that!

I have a Cloudkey Gen 2 plus, Can I help tou with that one?

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Heb je al iemand gevonden met cloud key gen2?

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