[APP][Pro] Ubiquiti UniFi Protect

I also have issues for a few months now.

I have a advanced flow that sets the recording mode for my camera’s if i’m away and when i’m coming home:

However, the recording mode is not set. It does not matter what I try.
I even removed the camera devices from Homey, re-added them and modified and even recreated flows to be sure I did everything possible.

I use a local only account with View Only rights from day one and have no issues connecting the app with my UCK G2 Plus. The ‘Use camera snapshot’ option is also unchecked within the app settings. If I look at the camera device settings, the camera screenshots work perfectly.

My UCK G2 Plus is currently running on version 3.2.12 with Protect on 3.0.22.

HI there,

First post, and I think I’ve searched enough to feel comfortable to post. Help if I could have done better :slight_smile:

Unifi Protect G4 has 3 actions: motion alarm turned on (start), motion alarm is on (continue) and, motion detection off. This is connected to a Shelly for the outdoor lamp, very basic.

I want the lamp to go off after 10 seconds of no motion, but also continue to stay on when there is motion for, lets say 30 seconds.

I need to start the flow with a “motion alarm turned on”. I experimented with several turn off options, in delay, or with a new flow. But if I have continuous motion, the lamp does not stay on.

Any suggestion, or reference article? Thanks!

When I read Ubiquiti UniFi Protect App voor Homey | Homey there are 2 triggers and 1 condition: 2 WHEN cards and 1 AND card.
The simplest solution is:
WHEN zone becomes active THEN switch on the light

WHEN zone is inactive for 3 minutes switch off the light

Another solution is using a timer, and 3 flows:

  1. one to switch on the light when motion is detected the first time
  2. one to reset the timer when motion is detected again
  3. and one to switch off the light when timer ends.

See [APP] Fibaro - Your home is your castle (by Athom) - #876 by Peter_Kawa

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Gonna work on this! Will let you know and thanks for the quick feedback.

By the way… Turning it on for 3 min is to easy :wink: and I think that still if someone stays there for 3 min, it will turn off

Good luck experimenting. The general idea of these scripts is that the light does not switch on and off with every motion alarm on and off. But that the light stays on during a series of on-off alarms from the motion sensor, until the last off alarm.