[APP][Pro] Ubiquiti UniFi Network

I use a UDM-Pro if it matters :upside_down_face:

Same router, same problems. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I think you’re touching a point here. The discussion focuses on memory now, but what i also see is a spike in CPU usage. Turned on the app at 17:56, after some minutes the CPU spikes and my homey gets unresponsive. After disabling the app at 18:11, after some minutes the workload gets back to healthy behavior (<2).

Edit 21/12 : Screenshot is System CPU usage. Spike max was ± 5.6

Same here; this morning 05.30u I updated to 2.3.6. Memory use goes through the roof, but CPU eases down.

@ObelixNL why isn’t the source code in github so we can help you debug? Also feels a bit uneasy having an app that gives access to my network not be open source.

Sorry I have removed the source code from GitHub.

I spent a lot of time on the new version with SDK v3 support. Homey has a policy that anyone can just expropriate you from your application. I do not earn anything with this application and the source code of Homey is also not publicly available.

Soon there will be a new test version based on the new code.

Unfortunately, not all flows will be present, but that is because these flows take up a lot of memory.


Well we are looking forward to it and appreciate your effort.

Our world is a little crippled right now :wink:

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Your efforts are highly appreciated, while at the same time understanding your point of view.

What can I(we) do for you?

I understand your concern, and I’m sad that Athom’s behaviour is pushing developers to do this.

Since I (and, AFAIK, all other community developers) haven’t signed anything over to Athom at any point, I trust in copyright law myself. If Athom, or anyone else, uses my code either for their own app, or to continue a what they consider to be an abandoned app, without my express consent they can expect a cease-and-desist letter.

Huh? Do you mean me?
I tried a year or longer to help you bugfixing and extending your app without success at the end. No responses or merging pull requests, so I built the app new from scratch and added it as new app to the store. You app is already there.
So please don’t fingerpoint after leaving the users alone with a non functional app.

But that’s the benefit of Github. Anyone can test and bugifix via pull requests and make your app better. You just need to allow ather developers to do so and take care of their pull requests. Together it’s easier to test and let the app grow.
So let others help you finding issues you probably can’t find if it depends on different Unifi devices.
Merry Christmas to all :christmas_tree::gift::hugs:


I don’t have a problem with the people who help, but more with Athom’s policy. If you feel attacked you can approach me personally instead of publicly.

merry christmas

If other people want to participate in the project, that is simply possible. They can just report to me personally and get rights to the project within GitLab.

Over the past few days I have tested several parts and tried to recreate the situations.

It seems that Unifi’s web socket is transferring a lot of information in some environments. This was also suspected by @Eric_van_Rossen

I have a test version ready based on SDKv3 in which websocket is temporarily disabled and only with an interval of 15 seconds (adjustable). This version does not yet contain all flow cards and I have converted the alarm to an onoff switch so that the UI does not give an exclamation mark when a device is online. This scared many people off.

Are there people with technical knowledge who want to try the test version who are now experiencing a lot of problems with high memory and cpu usage? Send me a DM so I can give you the test version.

I deliberately do this outside the Test version of Homey so that the impact only remains with a select group if something goes wrong.

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Sorry to hear that Athom took your app from the store. They told me they will contact you (and I thought they tried). And it was soon back because I didn’t notice anything.
But in my opinion your statement is wrong. Athom doesn’t expropriate in general. They try to contact the developer before doing anything. Perhaps your app was hidden in the store because they couldn’t reach you (I hope so). But if not I can understand your point of view.
In the meanwhile Athom opened their policy to allow more than only one app for a brand. So I think they won’t hide apps now. But anyone can build an own (second) app for the brand.
That’s at least my knowledge about their policy.

I hope you get some help for the UnifiOS devices.
For me your app seems to work fine (with the USG), as far as I use the flow trigger. So thanks for the last updates :+1:

I was just looking into why the app crashes / stops periodically. But I see this might already be a known issue. Sad to hear you felt needing to take the steps you have taken.

If I can help testing anything please let me know. I would love to see the app fully functioning again

I’m also experiencing issues with out of memory / app freezes. I would like to test the new test version of the unifi app. Can you send me the test link to install it or provide me access to the repository so I can install it locally?

We are now testing an new version with @Eric_van_Rossen and looks better at his Homey. Before i want the make an new official test version i want to test with some people with there current flows and conditions flows.

I’m willing to help with beta-testing. Do you have a link where I can find the test version?


if you want you can send me the testink also
app is currently turned off here because it completly bricks the udm if i keep it on restart in homey

I can also participate. I use an UDM and currently the unifi app is disabled due to crashes

Hello @ObelixNL
I use the app with a controller running in a docker environment (Network 7.1.61).
This constellation seems not to cause a memory issue, but the Wifi load is massive (10MBit/s) and that’s causing the Homey to be unresponsive and other apps are getting connection errors over Wifi.