[APP][Pro] Ubiquiti UniFi Network

See the same behavior. Looks like a memory leak to me.

This is the memory usage when the app crashes.

Since the last update v2.3.5 I have the same problem with the Ubiquiti Unifi Network App. I can start the app but after a few secons it’s getting stopped.

All works fine at my side with the latest version
No crashes, and functionality as I expect it

As you can see above there are plenty of people with the same problems ATM. Developer seems to ask for crash reports with useful data so maybe that’s the way forward.

@ObelixNL any info i can provide to help for a solution?

@ObelixNL Does this have anything to do with using a Dream Machine or a USG ? I have a USG-3P/CloudKey and no problems

@ObelixNL : I deleted all my devices and flows. Then I deleted the app and installed the app new. I still have the same problem. I also have a USG and Cloud Key. I have a USG-Pro-4.

With 2.3.5 version I have the same problems as others here; app is paused after some time and my Homey gets extremely slow in responses. Sometimes no response at all, and I have to power down the Homey. The app is connected to Cloud Key G2plus (v2.5.11)

I have the same issue. Dream Machine and 2.3.5. Just started using the app so 2.3.5 is the only one I have run.

Why isn’t the code on github anymore? This just gives 404 https://github.com/steffjenl/com.ubnt.unifi

As a temporary workaround I created a flow that restarts the Ubiquiti UniFi Network app every 15 minutes. This works for me for now untill a app update/fix is available.

Maybe this is something to try if you have the same issues.

Via Advanced FLows I did a 2 minutes check of the status of a WiFi device. Via the error path of that card i did a restart of the app. That prevents unneeded restarts, but after a couple of restarts my Homey locked up and needed a hard power-down. I think we just have to wait for the author(s) coming with an fix.

I found some points but they should have been visible before the update as well.

I made a new test version. This can be downloaded from

Please remove all devices first and only add WiFi clients and not cable clients!

Sorry, but same behavior. Memory usage slowly grows untill the app crashes.

Wild guess.
Could it be information comes in from UDM and is put in a buffer.
Buffer is not emtied quick enough → Buffer grows
not emtied quick enough, etc.
Up untill the point something prevents the app from allocating more memory and the app crashes.

Reason for this wild guess is the “Last update” info in the app-settings. Pretty quickly after I restart the app I see the time reported to fall behind the actual time I see on my mobile. after a few minutes there is over a minute difference between actual time and “Last update” time. As if the app just cannot keep up with the information it needs to handle.
As said, wild guess

2.3.6 now functioning with uck g2 plus

I followed your instructions (added one wireless client). No change, still the memory usage increases quickly.
I have uck g2 plus.

Same issue for me, with increasing memory usage until the app crashes, connecting to a Dream Machine.

This is memory usage with a flow restarting the app every 15 minutes. Restart of Homey at 09:25 and disabling of the restart flow at 10:50. App was then restarted at 12:30.


Same issue for me as well with 2.3.6. I have the app restarting every 10 minutes

This is the last hour: