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as a non coder, can anybody help point me towards the right direction on how I use CLI, and more specifically how I then test a non added tuya unit to check that it works as Johan mentions here?
I did start reading: [HOW TO] CLI install method and Homey CLI | Homey Apps SDK, but not sure how to go from there

Hello !
I have a problem that suddenly a tuya zigbee plug turn off by it self.
I have it locked in settings for always on.
It could run smooth for a few weeks then just suddenly it turns off by “tuya zigbee”
And stay off.
Happens to several of my tuya zigbee plugs from different manufactures, and no special time it just sudden happens, and only one single one, not all of my plugs at the same time.
Anyone more with this problem ?
And have a solution of how to fix it ?

When you check https://tools.developer.homey.app/tools/zigbee, which modelID this issue is related to ?
There are some sockets/plugs, which require firmware upgrade, because for example they turned socket off for voltage above 240V - but your case might be different.

Im newbee , but I found out this: zb_product_id"TS011F", zb_manufacturer_name “_TZ3000_okaz9tjs”.
zb_sw_build_id “0122052017”
If that helps out ?


Hi Adam It seems to work if you are running the test version of the Tuya ZigBee app, see Issues · JohanBendz/com.tuya.zigbee · GitHub

Best regards Peter.

I am running Johan Bendz experimental app for Tuya Zigbee.

Okay Adam that should be right then because I don’t see any reported issues there, so it could be what Sharky advised to see if there is a Firmware updat for those plugs.

Succes and best regards Peter.

I have checked now that I do have above 240 V sometimes, and that could be the problem.
Any idea of how to turn off that function to turn of the plug when voltage is above 240 V.
or to adjust it a bit higher ?

Depends which plug do you have but maybe try to check this thread - Tuya TS011F Plug - Max Voltage Protection? · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · Discussion #10607 · GitHub


should this device now be supported by the test version of the app?

i have tested with the test version of the app, but it’s not recognized/identified correctly

_TZ3000_bsvqrxru is not included in that driver, I will add it as there is already an issue requesting it to be added at Github.



Hi Johan everything okay there :+1:t2: and did you update the app already because all of a sudden my Wall dimmer was switching on and off again with Homey control flow and when I noticed that I paused my flow that was restarting the Tuya Zigbee app every 3 hours because of losing the complete app all the time because of a memory leak you’ve said.

Best regards Peter.

Hi Johan, today a I woke up and Tuya Zigbee app stopt working again so I was a bit to enthousiastic and was hoping it was fixed but I don’t think so and leave the flow to restart Tuya ZigBee app on for now until I hear from you that it is fixed.

Best regards Peter again.

I have a problem with the Lidl app and my Lidl Zigbee sockets. I was able to add these but no energie values are transmitted. If I then want to switch it off using Homey or try to repair it, I get the following error message. “Could not get device by ID”

Can anyone tell me this device roller motor will work with this app ?

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I’m using seven wallplugs with metering using the Tuya test version (0.2.25) since a few months back. Homey keeps loosing connection to all the devices quite regular (two days ago and now today again but before that once a month or so).

My solution is to go into apps and just install the same app without doing anything else. The devices is found and up and running again within a minute. But it’s kind of frustrating. Anyone have a solution to this issue?

Manufacturer ID: _TZ3000_gjnozsaz
Product ID: TS011F

No, nobody will be able to tell you. Even if they have the same device it won’t be a guarantee that the device you will receive will be recognised and (therefore) supported.

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This is an issue with Homey, not with the app. See the firmware note for v11.0.0.

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