[APP][Pro] Nuki Direct

I used the 3.06

ah the new one works :wink:

Does anybody know how to create an API token with a Nuki 3.0 pro smartlock?

The pro lock should also be connected to the bridge for now, it has no local api

You can vote for local API support on the SL3 here : Local API on SL3 (Pro) - Feature requests - Nuki Developers


Nuki Direct v3.1.0 released on GitHub and soon available on Homey Community Store .

This version adds the support for Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 (Pro) and for the new Nuki Bluetooth Door Sensor. It solves a couple of bugs and is fully compliant with the latest Homey Apps SDK v3.

Hint: The new function “Warning when the unlocked door is open for the selected time” that is available with the new Door Sensor in the latest Nuki app for smartphone can be achieved with Nuki Direct and a couple of simple flows.

First Flow:

  • When… Nuki Smart Lock - The contact alarm turned on

  • Then… Flow - Start Second Flow after 120 seconds

Second Flow:

  • When… Flow - This Flow is started

  • And… Nuki Smart Lock - The contact alarm changed more than 119 seconds ago

  • Then… Speech - Say The door has been open for two minutes


Hi @Piero_F, the new version v3.1.0 has unfortunately not yet been published in HCS. Is there anything we can do?

Hi @Piero_F,
Hope everything is ok with you!?

Any news on when the app will be available in HCS? Or can someone else publish the app in HCS?

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Hi, tried to download the app,… (automatically version) but it seems the download isn’t working.
Is it intentionally,… or… am i missing something?

It’s probably not you, there seem to be some issues with the store:

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@Eelco_Litjens Should be working again. Maybe you need to restart the HCS app.

@Piero_F hi! is there any news about the new api of the Smart Lock Pro 3? So it can be integrated in this app? I am not satisfied with the nuki app from Athom.



Is there a option in the nuki api, to detect who/wich user (phone) auto unlocks (bluetooth) the door.

And if so… would it be possible to intergrate it into the app??

Would be a perfect solution to set me on “home” At the moment using the beacon app for it, its works but takes to much time to detect iam home.

Hey i have some problems to connect the bridge to the app. first is should puss the button on the bridge in to 30 sec. i push the button an the app will countdown to 0 and shows button not pushed. ip will find and port they tokken not. So i try to fill it with hand done press connect the reachtion of this was a time out fault. help me where is my problem.