[APP][Pro] Mill WiFi Heaters

I notice that since a couple of weeks my Mill heater connection from Homey is very unstable.
I get al lot of ‘invalid signature’ errors (they come and go), when I switch from one mode to another (the few times I don’t get an error), Homey doesn’t seen to update the status (so it homey doesn’t I switched the heater to sleep mode).
Does this look familiar with other users? Or am I dealing with a local problem?


I have a problem that the ovens is turning themselves ‘on’ and going inactive.
Why is this happening?

I am also trying to make a flow that detects when the oven is warming.

This “warming” would be nice to get into a flow to notify me:


there is sadly no-one updating this app anymore :frowning: But @Arie_J_Godschalk at least said he would be nice upgrading it to SDK3 if he got the time later :slight_smile:


Would be lovely with a update to Homey Pro 2023. Would help and donate if needed!


Hi again,

I had to change one of my oven from Wifi generation 2 to gen 3.
It has a touch display and it now also has decimals in the Mill app, but the Homey app just skip the comma.

So now, it is 21,18 degress, but it comes out as 2118 degrees. Any way to fix this?


Hi everyone,

I was playing with the idea of building a new Mill app from scratch, but I don’t have an Mill Open API key and Mill has not responded to my request for one. Does anyone have a key for testing purposes?




Hi! A new app in the purpose of getting it ready for the 2023 version?


The purpose would be an app that works :slightly_smiling_face: But it would use SDK Version 3 and thus be compatible with the Homey Pro 2023. To be clear, I have never built a Homey app before so there is a high likelihood of it not working out, but without access to the API it is not possible to even try.


When would the app be updated for the new 2023 homey?


When will this app be ready for Homey Pro 2023 (and SDK Version 3)?


When will the app be ready for HP23?


Hi @glennsp
Do you have any plan for make this app ready for Homey Pro 2023? :innocent:
I (and probably several others with me) will greatly appreciate it. :raised_hands:
Cheers, Henrik


Seconded :slight_smile:

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As a big fan of both Mill WiFi heaters and Homey Pro it was quite sad to find out that the Mill app is simply not working on my Homey Pro (Early 2023).

Any chance of making this work any time soone?


Gents, a few posts earlier you can read Glenn hasn’t has time to spare and wants to hand over the app to an other dev.
So I would suggest, go find a developer/maintainer for this app :hugs:

Post #125
Post #126

And post #117

I don’t know if and what Matter commands are (going to be) available on Homey without an app.

Mill has been promising a lot for a while now. They let me know in a mail almost two years ago that Alexa integration was being beta tested, and still nothing as of yet.

According to the product description of some mill panels on millstore.nl:

Geplande updates zullen het in Q2 2023 mogelijk maken om Mill WiFi3 te integreren met Google Assistant, Alexa, Homey en Apple HomeKit.


Scheduled updates will make it possible in Q2 2023 to integrate Mill WiFi3 with Google Assistant, Alexa, Homey and Apple Homekit.

Homey is mentioned explicitly here. No idea how these guys are linked to mill or where they get their information. I hope this isn’t just some false advertising and there will be new integrations soon!