[APP][Pro] Mill WiFi Heaters

Or the new homey Pro (early 2023)?

as stated right above your post there will be an official app from Mill, and i suppose that will support bort cloud and pro

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Is it possible to make this work with homey bridge?

I already answered that question to you… forgotten already? :slight_smile:

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Hi, anyone knows if the temp/air quality sensor “Mill Sense” works with Homey Pro? The producer did not guarantee it as this is a third-party app (and it seems not updated since 2021), but they said thay’re working on an official integration, but not timeline ready yet.


home integration? like in apple home? talking about two different things?

Since the email conversation was about the Homey integration (see my previous post), I assumed it was an typo.

hmm, i see it now. So one way or another we will get official support. Maybe only for 2023 homey pro through matter, but let’s hope we will get it sooner :smiley:

I assume that the current connection (trough internet & wifi) will remain and that communication trough Matter will be additional/optional.

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matter is not a communication protocol, but a standard. Devices can communicate with wifi, thread or bluetooth

Hi @glennsp
Will you update this to SDK 3 so that we can use it on homey pro 2023 when it is relased?

Oh @arovik oh @arovik. It doesn’t seem like you’ve read any previous posts in this app’s forum? @glennsp is been missing for more than a year

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not good :frowning: Im trying to reach out to him and find out if he want to update or give it to some other developers