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The new generation of floor heating thermostats

nVent RAYCHEM SENZ WIFI is developed to suit the modern home owner, who prioritizes high comfort, low energy costs and a beautiful home.It can be used with all underfloor heating cables and heating mats.

Stepping on a heated floor makes all the difference, radiant floor heating takes the chill away from your floors and brings warmth and comfort into your home. It adds that little touch of luxury that helps you relax and enjoy the cozy atmosphere in any room you have it installed.


Add the device as you would add any device to Homey. A polling frequency of 1 minute is used to update the current temperature of the device in Homey. For all other changes, there is a SignalR connection opened in the background to receive realtime notifications from nVent, so these should be instantly updated.


Due to the limitations of the nVent API…

  • … you cannot set the thermostat mode to “Vacation”, nor “Off”.
  • … when setting the thermostat mode to “Antifreeze” in Homey, it will set the mode to “Manual” and the target temperature to 5°C, as this mode cannot be set via the API. The thermostat screen will remain on.

It does however update the mode correctly when receiving data from nVent.


I enjoy creating apps for Homey and try to support them as best as I can. If you enjoy using my apps a donation in return for the time I put into this is much appreciated.


A big shout out to @Sharkys for providing me access to his nVent account, and communicating with nVent which made my job a lot easier! Thank you! :sunglasses:


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Big thanks also to Hendrickx from nVent company, who was very helpful and responsive and huge thanks to Edwin for developing it in so quick time. :wink:


Just published, thank you once more @evdpol Edwin for great job !

Hi @evdpol Edwin, how are you doing ? :wink: May I have a wish, do you think it would be difficult to implement “Thermostat not available” event ? Seems some of my thermostats are loosing connections randomly for past 3 days … and it seems it’s not problem of your app :wink:
All thermostats are pinging, they are connected but they themselves reports not connected status (so maybe it’s Raychem cloud issue)… so I thought it could be useful for kind of monitoring (because if someone is using Homey eg. for changing status/temperature etc.), they will not find it didn’t work…

Thank you (if you would find time).

In any case : edf83b0e-8083-44ea-bf82-23f2b1f6cba4

Hi @Sharkys!!

Good idea! Also, not very difficult to implement.

I will look into this, thanks!

– Edwin

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The new connected capability will be available in version 1.2.1.

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Thank you so much @evdpol , will start testing today after scheduled power-outage in my location.

Ups, @evdpol , seems we have rate limit issue ;-( But it disappeared after while and now it’s again online.


Anyway the flow condition was not triggered… not sure it should be in case of rate limit (which is kind of exception and not happening “usually”)

Rate limiting does not mean that the device is offline. :wink:
It checks the online value in the message returned by nVent.

The new version isn’t published in the App Store yet.
You are using the test version at this moment?

I know and I also things this will happen in our specific/development situations… so I think it shall be not included for checking. I just saw “red” status, I though “oh, device is offline again” and nope - it was rate limit.

Sure, 1.2.1 - why I didn’t share diag. ? Sorry for that - > 3f444713-c805-4f6d-aa85-875ae5c67ae7

But as I mentioned, all are suddenly online. … maybe there is something going on on Raychem side.

The last error in your diagnostic report, is an unauthorised error.

I guess you needed to re-authorise as I was logged in under your account from a different location.

Will stay out of it … for now. :wink:

It actually fixed without any my interaction :wink:
Anyway, seems “Connectivity check” works, I just lost connectivity to one of Thermostat…now I can investigate what is actually going on.


Hi Edwin,
It seems that from time to time, the SENZ WIFI thermostats on the Homey app seem to be disconnected from the App. When hitting the repair button, the users are redirected to the OAuth page and need to allow the devices to be controlled by the SENZ WIFI app in Homey.
Can I bring you in contact with one of our developers to see if we can help you fix this issue?
I am the product manager at nVent who is responsible for the SENZ WIFI products and I guess the issue is linked to the access token and the duration of these tokens, so we can possibly figure out a way to get this sorted by adapting some settings in your Client ID settings, but I would need to get you in touch with our developers to confirm this.
Kind regards,
Patrick Hendrickx

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Hi Patrick,

Your developer(s) can reach me at developer@edwinvandepol.nl.

I noticed the problem with other apps aswell.
Not sure if we can solve the problem, because I’m using the OAuth2 module which is developed by Athom.

But, it is always worth investigating.

Looking forward to the email.

Kind regards,

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Thank you Edwin. I will ask our development team to get in contact with you and we will figure out if this is a problem we can solve.

I just wonder, could be causing API issues the 59sec delay that was introduced in last final firmware version 7.1.5 ? So far (very short testing) seems to be fixed on 7.1.6rc1, even it’s not mentioned in the changelog… but more testing is required…

More on 59s delay - Homey hat Verspätung - #59 by RonnyW

*update" seems that now when I’m getting connection lost notification, it’s fixed automatically without need for app restart, at least based on 2 last connection lost events. So maybe something got fixed in 7.1.6rc1 ?
Diag : d1477774-5fc0-4e25-9ae1-31bdc5859f77

Look what I got from the guys from nVent:

This way, I can debug much better, as I now can see what the thermostat is doing.

I have emailed a few times with the guy who manages the API I guess, and I have some things I need to change in order to prevent the user from logging out ever now and then.

Will keep you updated :wink:

– Edwin


Hi all,

great test environment Edwin :slight_smile: So far your app works fine and thanks to recently implemented “disconnect” event, seems I have identified root cause of my thermostats being disconnected very often and randomly (while other like 60 Wifi devices are just working fine) - seems Raychem thermostats are not fully compatible with 802.11r roaming, when FT protocol is “FT Over Air” (Over-the-Air) . Luckily “FT Over DS” (Over-the-DS) works. What was strange, those thermostats were pinging always just fine but start loosing connectivity to the cloud.

I know it has nothing to do with the app you have developed but maybe others might be utilizing this info as 802.11r is kind of standard nowadays.