[APP][Pro] Uponor Smatrix

Hello community,

In my quest to migrate completely from Home Assistant to Homey Pro, I have created an app for my Uponor underfloor heating system.

It currently only supports the Uponor Smatrix Pulse system as I have that system at home to test with, but it might also work with Smatrix Wave (if they share the same custom application protocol).


  • Works fully locally (LAN), no Internet / cloud connection needed
  • Auto-discovery based on the MAC manufacturer prefix of Uponor
  • Enter an IP address manually if for some reason auto-discovery does not work in your network
  • Each room thermostat is added as an individual device, so you get room-level insight and control
  • Automatically gets the user-configured name of each thermostat (from the Uponor app), so user-friendly device names out of the box
  • Currently supports reading the temperature (every minute) and setting the target temperature (setpoint)

Coming soon

  • Support for thermostat mode control (auto/heating/cooling/off)
  • Support for other thermostat and controller models (depending on community testing)

Eye candy
Some screenshots to convince you that this is a legit app :sweat_smile:

Source code
Of course the code for this app is open source and available on GitHub.

Enjoy and let me know if this app helps you manage your Uponor system!