Add support for raychem senz wifi termostat?


Is it possible for Raychems termostat to be connected to Homey ?


If there is no app for, then you can make a request at Homey Community App Requests

@Jim_Ostrem, just wonder, did you create that request ? I’m just having Raychems termostat installed and considering Homey for purchase… I would create it myself, but don’t have it yet :wink:

… There are some indications that IFTT support will get implemented on Reychem Thermostat end of this year with opening API…so maybe then it will be possible to implement?

Has anyone seen or heard any update in this matter?
I have two Senz wifi thermostats and it would surely be great to be able to integrate them - either directly with a homey app or via ifttt as a secondary solution.

Unfortunately not yet :frowning:

…also API is available …

Btw, created request (wish) for community app - Homey Pro Community App Requests - #492