Is there an app for my generic floor heating?

I have recently had electrical floor heating installed, and came with some wifi-connected thermostats throughout the house. It’s clearly a whitelabel solution that installers can add their own logo/name to, and I was wondering if there was a Homey integration. Can’t seem to find it under the names I know of, but maybe someone recognises something.

As far as I can find, I have a whitelabeled version of:

The controllers in the wall and the app look like this:

Does anyone recognise this app from a different manufacturer name that might have a Homey Integration?

It’s a wifi device, not sure, but you just can try the Tuya smart app.
I’ve read your MWD thermostat has to be added by scanning a QR code with the app.
The Tuya app can do that too.
If it works → Homey Tuya cloud app

Could not find any new topics about this so updating here…

For home assistant there is a nice app these days:

Would be very nice if we have something for the homey! Anyone got any ideas? :slight_smile:

Yeah schluester hasthe same exact thermostate and app. I was wondering how i could make it work with homey as well.