Did someone succeed to integrate the Magnum Floor Heating Thermostat based on wifi (MRC)?

I have a Magnum floor heating with a wifi based thermostat (Magnum Remote Control).
Has someone succeeded in creating a link for such a thermostat and Homey Pro for both reading values and status, and controlling the heating?
According to Magnum the thermostat (and app) is related to / developed by Tuya.

I am interested in this too. I also will get the Magnum thermostat for floor heating. Maybe with webhooks, but that is a bit advanced for me.

Anyone managed to get this working by any chance?

Did anyone managed to get this working in the meantime? Keen to hear. Reg Michiel

I’m also curious… When I try to add a new device and I search on “Magnum” I getting the “Heatit Controls” app as advice, but those are only Z-Wave devices. The Magnum devices are as far as I know only Wi-Fi based. Tried installing, but installation didn’t work out either. Still at a loss for me on this point. Sorry

I’ve got this heating system too. So a +1 from me!

Same here for me!