Did someone succeed to integrate the Magnum Floor Heating Thermostat based on wifi (MRC)?

I have a Magnum floor heating with a wifi based thermostat (Magnum Remote Control).
Has someone succeeded in creating a link for such a thermostat and Homey Pro for both reading values and status, and controlling the heating?
According to Magnum the thermostat (and app) is related to / developed by Tuya.


I am interested in this too. I also will get the Magnum thermostat for floor heating. Maybe with webhooks, but that is a bit advanced for me.

Anyone managed to get this working by any chance?

Did anyone managed to get this working in the meantime? Keen to hear. Reg Michiel

I’m also curious… When I try to add a new device and I search on “Magnum” I getting the “Heatit Controls” app as advice, but those are only Z-Wave devices. The Magnum devices are as far as I know only Wi-Fi based. Tried installing, but installation didn’t work out either. Still at a loss for me on this point. Sorry

I’ve got this heating system too. So a +1 from me!

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Same here for me!

Just thinking: a workaround with Siri Shortcuts/google/Alexa maybe?

Now possible to add Magnum Thermosstat via Tuya Cloud

Hi Bart and Jurgen, that’s great!
What additional steps should I take to install the Magnum MRC in Homey? I do have an Tuya IoT account and did succeed to include another Tuya WiFi device via the Tuya cloud before. I did install the test version, but did not remove the official version first (should I do that?). When adding a new device I get the message to configure the app first (which is configured and restarted).

It is also possible to connect with the help of Google Home. How to in Dutch. With thx to @Ria_Banis.

So just activate synchronise in Homey/more/ settings. Install Homey on Google Home. Make a virtual device(thermostat) in Homey. Connect Magnum Heating in Google Home.

Make two routines in Google home. Use household, then When virtual thermostat is On, Magum Heating on, and When virtual thermostat is Off, turn Magnum Heating off.

In Homey you make some flows when your virtual thermostat goes on or off. Google home will synchronise this and activate your routines.

I made some flows with ICalKalender. I was made a new Agenda called Floor Heating on my iphone, added the terms On and Off in this agenda when the floor heating has to be activated or deactivated. Everytime ICalKalender stumbles upon these terms, he floor heating will be activated or deactivated.

With Tasks on Ios i have made a task which makes a new agenda item with the term on in my Floor Heating Agenda and at the same time makes an agenda item with the term off. This task is on her home screen off her Iphone.

This way my daughter is able to control the floor heating herself without re-scheduling the whole schedule, and also doesn’t forget to add the off term.

I don’t know if this is a perfect solution, but it works better as the Magnum schedule.


Works fine! Great solution.

My Magnum only returns the option heating. Not the option off. Anybody else facing same?

Yes, same here. It seems mainly caused by how well Home Assistent recognizes the Magnum device. And whether or not HA is allowed to change the temperature of the Magnum thermostat (probably controlled by the Tuya cloud servers). If the thermostat is in Auto Mode (or automatic) it doesn’t work. I have two Magnums and one of two refuses to be controlled by HA in any mode. The other one sometimes… So alas, it’s not the final solution.

It works indeed in one mode, Heating. I have added a low temperature when is has to be off.

Excuse me for asking but which virtual thermostat did you use? I cannot find any that Google Home will accept as starter in a routine.

The problemen is known. Google Home changed something. It doesn’t work anymore.

I use the VD app made by Arie Godschalk. A virtual device of the type Thermostat with temperature and status capabilities is recognized by Google Home and can be used to activate the Magnum heating.

I see the new virtual device (Tuya Thermostat AVD tst template) in Google home, but how did you connect the logic between those two. I can’t find the automation within Google home to set the temperature based on the target temperature of the virtual device.

The “problem” as by mentioned by Paul above is with google home. They have changed what kind of device can act as a trigger. So a new virtual device cannot initiate a routine or smart flow. Existing routines still work, so it’s a software change. This means that this workaround doesn’t work anymore.