Device request: Magnum Heating MRC wifi Thermostat

I’ve got a new bathroom with floor heating. It uses the Magnum MRC smart wifi thermostat.

It works with Google and Alexa.
I saw -perhaps on downloading the iOS app- that it was Tuya. But it is nowhere to be found ins Tuya apps. It’s wifi not zigbee.

Someone willing to add this?

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I am very interested too. In 4 weeks time i also have the same heating. I suppose there will be no app. Is there a way to control it with google and homey and maybe routines? So the other way around?

It looks really Tuya to me.
MRC app pair screen:

Tuya pair screen:

Did you try pairing it as this thermostat (wifi) through the Tuya Smart app?

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That is indeed it! The gates of the Tuya hell are opening! Yay. But I do have an account, a developer account, linkt the whole shebang. But… I cannot add a device (which is indeed the Thermostat (wifi). Hij vindt niets op verwarming noch A/C…

Then that device is not supported directly as Tuya Cloud Homey device probably.

But, what about the raw command workaround?
Or the tap-to-run scene option? It’s all mentioned in post #1 of the Tuya Cloud topic.

I am sorry, I complete read past this. Thanks so much.

I’ve tried it now. I get results with a device ID. I automatically get the temp_current values, which are 175 and 180. So I guess it’s in between 17,5 ° and 18,0 ° (which is correct).

When I operate the device I noticed that I get only temp_set values. But not the modes I set the device in.
So I have to put the device manually in the right mode and then I can send the wanted values with the device ID to the heater, right?

And I also can make scenes, which I can start when I receive the ‘current temp’ values. So it’s a mix of both.
How reliable is this all?

A manual operated thermostat is most reliable.
It should work fine when:
-your wifi is up
-internet connection is up
-Tuya’s servers are online

What kind of data does your thermostat send when you check the devices’ debug page? The same data should be sent through the text events.
This is what a PIR sends f.i.:

Did you try b.t.w. to add your thermostat as a Heater device? Just a thought, worth a shot:

Screenshot from 2022-09-26 18-33-10


The ‘mode’ events + data don’t seem to be supported by the API:

Where do I find this page?
I cannot find it in the Tuya app nor developers page of Homey.
I also didn’t add a Tuya device yet. The heating (as you suggested) doesn’t work, I tried. I get the “no device found” error.

  • enter (open) your Cloud project
  • click at ‘Devices’ from the tab row

There you can find the device ID’s also, and on the right you find ‘Debug device’


Yeah, a heater is not a thermostat. While the capabilities are similar, maybe @RonnyW would like to try to add a thermostat to the Tuya cloud app

This is what I see want I was playing with the device. It reports that I switched modes.
It’s quite a lot of reports. And a couple publish.

Yes, perhaps it’s only another device type with identical capabilities. ll look into it later - first are holidays :slight_smile:

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Can you copy/paste the device details from Tuya cloud?

Menu: cloud/project/devicesdebug device
Please copy the JSON from these two pages:

I copied it, just as it is now (device is in anti frost mode, 7 ° C)

Code Type Values
temp_set Integer { “unit”: “℃”, “min”: 50, “max”: 400, “scale”: 1, “step”: 5 }
temp_set_f Integer { “unit”: “℉”, “min”: 410, “max”: 1040, “scale”: 1, “step”: 10 }
factory_reset Boolean “{true,false}”

Above is the instruction set. The status set has this line added:

Code Type Values
temp_current Integer { “unit”: “℃”, “min”: 0, “max”: 450, “scale”: 1, “step”: 5}

And the other page, please (status set).

In the meantime, I made a device and a flowset for you. I’m very curious if some parts are working.

That is the same, but with one line added:

Code	Type	Values
temp_set	Integer	
  "unit": "℃",
  "min": 50,
  "max": 400,
  "scale": 1,
  "step": 5
temp_set_f	Integer	
  "unit": "℉",
  "min": 410,
  "max": 1040,
  "scale": 1,
  "step": 10
temp_current	Integer	
  "unit": "℃",
  "min": 0,
  "max": 450,
  "scale": 1,
  "step": 5
temp_current_f	Integer	
  "unit": "℉",
  "min": 320,
  "max": 1130,
  "scale": 1,
  "step": 10

In the meantime, I made a device and a flowset for you. I’m very curious if some parts are working.
That seems very advanced @Peter_Kawa!
I’ll try to look into it later! :slight_smile:


Please hurry up🤗in 1 ½ week time my magnum will be operational. So it’s gone be Time for me to dive into Tuya’s world. Hope you guys can work something out. Would be awesome.

Haha. No hurries. It’s holiday time :grin:
I’ll check the thermostate type when I’m back.

@Renzo Please can you check the device details again if you can find the device type? It should be a numeric value. That’s the type which has to be assigned to the homey driver. Thanks.

Device Name Device ID Product Source Online Status Device Type Activation Time Device Permission Operation
Vloerverwarming 14632176d8bfc0566580 MRC Online Real Device 2022-09-22 08:47:39 Read Debug Device

Bedoel je deze? Ik heb de source even weggehaald… nogal een lange code.

Not that value. It’s a short number, 2 or 3 signs. Let me check where it’s listed in device details…will take some days…