[APP][Pro] Insight Trends Reloaded

I prefer the last background (3 of 3).

The Last value that is zero seems to be a Insights problem. In some Insights the last value in curve always goes down to zero until input of next value. So it is not your app but it is not my sensors neither.

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Nice job on ’reloading’ this app!

I also like the 3rd image the most, one remark, I’d change the height of the first I to fit the height of the rest of the text so the whole text fits into a rectangle.

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Test this version out :slight_smile:


Very quick response :slight_smile: and nice functionality!

I still have problem with “Last value”. I have checked several Insights and found that Insights Trends Reloaded read the Last value = 0 from sensors and logics but the last value in Insights is not zero. I have a flow that read maximum and minimum value and if last value always is zero it will obviously be wrong.
See two examples attached and red circles.

Could you send me a diagnostic report? I can’t reproduce this error. Does the last value date fit with the current date?

Yes, it is correct timestamp.

Insight Trends Reloaded - 1.2.0 is now live!


  • New Settings Page
  • Homey Pro 2023 support
  • Some users experience problems with the value’s being null added a filter for that.
  • Significant Figures
  • Bug fixes
  • A cache has been added to reduce the frequency of timeout errors. (Reloads every 5mins)

Feedback / Bugs

Any requests should be made in this thread

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Just to chime in on the last value = null issue. I never had this with earlier versions, but it also caused issues for me in the latest build(s). Is this related to the app, or changes to Homey Insights? I’m just wondering how this was not an issue before, and if it shouldn’t be enabled by default? :slight_smile:


I really don’t know. It’s using the latest homey api and it’s the raw data that the Homey API gives me.
Since there is no change log on the homey api, i really don’t have an answer for you.

On the Homey pro 2023 there is no issue with this :person_shrugging: The Default is replacing null to 0

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Dear @spkesDE,

Many thanks for the great app! Really helpful!
I’ve got some RAM issues om my Homey (2023) and was looking for an insight trend of the total RAM (and CPU load trend). So I can see a memory leak or diagnose an out of memory issue. I had these options in the ‘old’ insight app and it was really helpful. Is this function available in the ‘reloaded’ insight app?

Thanks again for the great app and all your work/time!!

already? :open_mouth:

Strangely, it’s not available. It’s an issue on athom side most likely. I’ll contact athom on this topic.

Edit: There is no insights for RAM and CPU usage. It has to added from athom, I opend an issue for that,

Ahh, ok. Many thanks for your time and fast replay!

I’ve got a very stable homey 2023. 43 apps, 250 devices and all flows are successfully imported (400+). Problem is that homey is crashing when making a cloud backup. My suspicion is that it is a ram issue. For now, I’ve made 2 flows. Disable all apps and enable all apps. When making a backup while all apps are disabled, the backup is finished very fast. Was hoping to find more info on this with the reloaded inside app :smiling_face::+1:

Make a report to Athom; maybe it’s something they can fix on their side.

Thanks :+1:

I’ve filled a form on the website (bug reporting for homey 2023) with a diagnostic report. I don’t know what they can see in that report. That was the reason that I was hoping to collect more info for them :+1:

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CPU usage insights coming with the next RC, about RAM no news.


Nice, thanks for the update/info! :+1:

@spkesDE Would it be possible to include the calculated average as a tag in the output of this AND card? That we we can log the result or add additional conditions. :slight_smile:


Sorry, for AND cards it’s not possible. Only THEN and WHEN cards

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that limitation.
I’ll just use the Calculate THEN + the Logic AND card instead.

BTW: Do you have any idea about cpu load for calculations like this on HP23? Would it be OK to have many “Calculate average” cards triggering every few seconds, lets say in an extreme case 100 times per minute for insights of 100 datapoints over the last 5 minutes?

[Update] Quick test results: 64 consecutive copied “Calculate” cards of “Power Usage (W)” (for 2 devices) for the past 5m with 120 datapoints takes about 2s on HP23.

Even if I run that 64 card flow every 5s, I don’t see any changes in the cpu utilization graph. So doesn’t look like it has much impact, even in pretty extreme cases. :slight_smile:

If I run the flow every 1s, the cpu load jumps to 85% and other tasks on Homey do start to get delayed. When changing to 16 parallel sets of 4 cards instead of 64 sequential cards it works better for a while but eventually also jumps to 80% cpu after a minute or 2.