[APP][Pro] Insight Trends Reloaded

Did you selected the right insight in the flow card?

Feel free, but I can’t currently developer since I’m waiting for my homey replacement. That will take 3-5 weeks.

I guess :slight_smile:
I selected the same insight as used in the Then-card.

Ok, then I wait until you are up and running. :slight_smile:

Should it be possible to use this to see if the motion sensor has reported or not, i.e. will it be zero if the sensor has not reported within the time frame?
Or should timestamp for last sample be used (seconds or milliseconds)?

I retried and I get this error from the calculate trend card: "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘y’)

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Boolean Insights support from Athom is different then number insights. I don’t know the technical standpoint behind it.

What could have happen to you, that the API reported 0 data points back and my app couldn’t handle it.
I can test that once I have my homey back.

Yeah, 0 data Points give back from the API. I’ll include a fix for that once I’m up and running.

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You can create functions for that in the Better Logic Library app.
Specificly build for this kind of default needed methods/functions.

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Maybe this flow + script is of any use (in the meantime) :wink:

Hey @Anders_Gregow , was the Insights card still not working for you?
Because it is for me and it works perfectly to test the state of sensor.


Just retrieve the insights from now (o minutes ago), and the duration elapsed in ms shows how long it has been that the capability has been changed.

Let’s continue in PM or the correct topic if you still had an issue?

I will send you a PM as this is out of topic as you say. :slight_smile:

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I am not running Homeyscript (yet).
My old Homey(2016) is getting sluggish so I do not want to add to many apps right now.
When I get the new and shiny Homey(2023) I might test it.

I have a solution with timers for each sensor (chronograph) but I think Insight Trend works already. Just needs to check if the retrieve card returns error, meaning the sensor has not reported. :slight_smile:

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Would it be possible to make it easier to see what sensor is used in the “Calculate trend” card? Currently only the selected capability is shown, making it impossible (?) to see later what device is checked.
Maybe one field for sensor name and one for the capability?

Thanks, I think could also just use “math” on the tag to round it. But having it available as a setting in the app is much more convenient, and I even think @spkesDE intends on making it configurable later on. :slight_smile:


Inside the card i can only show the capability or the device name. I could add a token, but is there a use for it?

Already done in my current version, but still waiting for the new homey :v:

Cool! Not in the public 1.0.20 Test version yet, right?
I only see the toggle. :slight_smile:

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That’s right :slight_smile: It’s on my local version only for now.

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Easier to understand what the card is doing, but how I currently use it makes it not important.

I have a temperature sensor that I removed the battery from over a day ago.
When calculating the trend for it the “Number of data points” is not 0 as was expecting.
Is this as expected, being the Homey reusing the last value in insights?
So better use the trend as a check whether the sensor is alive?

I have successfully used temperature trend=0 for 24 hours. It works very good even if the sensor battery dropped and is not responsive.


Thanks, will do so.

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Can’t really tell you that. I don’t know what data has Homey sent you in that case.
It can be datapoints with a 0 as the value for batterie
As @Morgan said, trend would be the best bet.

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How nice that you took the effort to republishe this great app. My Homey is nothing without Insight Trends. When I now backup and restore I won’t get the MadMonkey87 Insight Trends app restored. So love to see you working on a new version. :clap: :clap: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: I’m gonna make a donation.