[APP][Pro] Insight Trends Reloaded

Take your time, we appreciate your hard work! :slight_smile:

And… I think I see all devices now! :ok_hand:

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I do, but I have free time on work right now. Sometimes we can stay at our rescue station and do some private stuff :slight_smile:

I added the hightlighting back to the current test version. Had to make a custom system for it, since I added the description to the search parameters :slight_smile:

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Development is on hold. My homey pro died over night.
Waiting on response of Athom.

Wow, that’s too bad! :frowning:
I hope your home will be up and running asap!

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… I guess you already tried new power adapter, right :frowning: How old was it ?

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Yes :slight_smile: 13/14 Months? Already in contact with homey. I’m gonna ship it tomorrow since I don’t own a printer. I have to print the RMA Form at work later.
But looks like it Athom will take care of it :slight_smile:


One thing I noticed: I replaced the Power meter device yesterday, but the caclulate card did not show an error that insights was not availalbe any more, so it silently failed:

Is it somehow possible to indicate on the card when the currently selected metric “Energy (kWh)” is unavailable in insights for a removed device?

Could u send a diagnostic report?

Done: a24abe9a-d352-45dc-ae48-d368c357f992

Sadly no error for me to work with. I‘ll have to find a way once I got a Homey again


A little update. I can only test the mock up but I made some new changes :slight_smile:

Any stuff that someone is missing?

What are these values (marked with green)?

The trend-value is mostly very small values. In your picture 0.00000027…
With Significant digits on it is always(?) zero (0).

A Epoch Unix Timestamp in milisecounds. 1667914200000 would be Tue Nov 08 2022 13:30:00 GMT+0000

Depends how you configure your app. You can change the amount of significant figures, currently its 5 by default. e.g. 0.000009 would be 0.00001 (Round up) 0.000004 would be 0 (Round down)

Just noticed the use of commas as a decimal separator for all fields except the “Trend” one (perhaps because it uses scientific notation?).

I can not find where to set how many significant figures that will be used.

Yes, somehow JavaScript does that. I don’t think this should be problem.
BTW: Thank you for the mock object

It’s not included in the current test version. I have to still intrigante that feature

Is it possible to use this also for e.g. motion_alarm?

I would like to verify that my motion sensor has been triggered last 24 hours by retrieving number of datapoints (should be > 0) and last timestamp.

I tried but got no “When” triggered for calculation of motion_alarm.

Boolean values are also supported :slight_smile:
Did you use the right when card?
Could you send a diagnostic report?

I used the Trend-When card but it never fired.
I uninstalled the app after testing.
If diagnostics is needed I can re-install it later and capture.