[APP][Pro] HDL Smartbus


Fantastic. I will also dmtests this evening

You shouldn’t have to delete and re-add any sensors, unless you have motions-sensors that are registered with humidity or visa-versa. Tried to delete a sensor (12-in-1) and add it again now with this version, and after a couple of minutes, all capabilities are registered. It is also super fast on registering motion with 212 as UVSwitch.

New documentation is now available!

This means that documentation and best practices can be added as code and will be automatically updated to the site when the code is published on GitHub. I’ve added stuff I think is important there, so if you have issues, want to contribute or just want to learn more about the app - read it. If something is missing, add it according to the contribution description there.


@Fredrik_Meyer-Lampe I think this is where you can add your best practices to.
@horakmar When you have time, please add documentation for the floor heaters and curtain controllers (files are at the root of the repo as DEVICES_FLOORHEATERS.md and DEVICES_CURTAINS.md).


Fanastic. Motion sensors is up and running again :slightly_smiling_face:

However, dry contacts do not work for some strange reason…hope it is easy to find the error here as well?

Great with the way with documentation setup. I will look into how you want it and contribute. Maybe a better way of doing it than my suggestion that was only a shared google document.

Hi @AndreasL

I like your approach for documenting with a possibility to add best practises.

I have done some testing:

  • Motion works, and is fast. Both showing in app, and flowcards are working. UV212 is working again.
  • Dry contacts works as far I can see. Both in app and by flowcards. The reaction is slow, but thats’s limitations by HDL if I understand it right.
  • 8inOne and 12inOne sensors have three DC’s showing in app. I seems as # 3 equals #1.
    *7inOne sensor adds Humidity capability with a value of 255%. Is it any possibility that the 7inOne sensor reports a humidity value of 255%, and therefor adds the humidity capability?. I believe the 7inOne and Humidity sensors might have the same underlaying design (?). 8inOne and 12inOne have no humiidiy capability added.
  • The exclusion of motion for the Humidity sensor works as intended.

One question: In the documentation it’s states that it’s possible to adjust for DC sensors to be of either NC or NO type? Sorry, but I cannot find the configuration to define it.

Again: Thank you for all good work!!

Ole Jacob

Thank you for the extensive testing @ojnordah - makes life a lot easier. I have the same results on Dry Contact and flow cards and have added this to the documentation for later releases.

For the sensors getting a 255% reading, I’ve added checks for that in this PR: Update docs and add exclusion for humidity not within 0-100 by alydersen · Pull Request #44 · alydersen/hdl-smartbus-homey · GitHub. This effectively disregards any reading which is outside 0 to 100. I’ve also made it possible to add exclusions for all capabilities on multisensors in the HDL configuration file.

I’ll publish after I have done some initial testing.


Very strange that dry contacts do not work for me, since it works for you and @ojnordah.

I do only have something connected on the dry contact on a 8i1 sensor. Could the case be that you both have tested the 12i1’s and there is any difference here ?

It did as mention work great on an earlier version.

The Motion sensors do however seem to be much more stable and faster :ok_hand:

I have tested more and did get dry contact reaction now after 1-2 minutes after activation, but did not respond within 10 minutes when closing

Updated: after approx 1 hour state changed

@Fredrik_Meyer-Lampe Checking the signals from a Multisensor, I can’t find any errors. What I can find though, is that if a sensor has a lot to do, it will disregard the status update requests. I suggest you look through the config and remove everything that is not used. With the issues you have, it seems to me like your HDL bus is way to busy.

An idea: You could create set up an UVSwitch on Homey, and then configure the logic on your multisensor to send out this UVS to ON/OFF when the dry contacts are activated. Then you can base your flow on this state change. I’ve released a new version to test now that allows the receiver of broadcasts (which is usually how UVSs are sent), so remember to upgrade to the latest versions first. Let me know if that works.


Thank you for some clever thinking with this update. I have done a quick test.

  • The exclutions for Humidity >100% works for the 7inOne sensor. (Even outside Bergen Norway, where I live, we don’t have over 100% humidity). The humidity capability does not show now.
  • I have also tested exclution of any capability. I excluded luminance as capability on the outdoor sensor (id330), and it works. Luminance does not come up as a capability.
  • Motion works very good and DC’s work. Both in app and as flowcard.
  • I have also tested sending to a Homey UV as broadcast from a sensor when a DC is activated, and it works. And it works much faster than using the app.

All in all, very good @andreas.

Ole Jacob

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Thank you so much.

I will test as suggested.
It might be true that my bus is loaded. I do also experience that the Homey app itself hangs, which might be related to the amount of traffic…

How can I reduce this? Deactivate logic module and all other logics in sensor? What about broadcast of temperature data?

Do anyone of understand the HDL command test messages if I share them?

Thank you so much for your help and increased focus on this app the latest period :call_me_hand:

Did you take a look at the Heater control issues?

Also after the latest update to version 1.02 of the app, the status feedback problem returned. On the previous version they returned just fine.

Update: Seems like the relay units report status immediately, I have 4 lights connected to a 4ch relay unit. The problem is the feedback of status on the dimmers. Status is set to broadcast every 5 sec on the HDL bus,

Your idea with setting up UV switch on the multisensor worked. However for some strange reason unexpected things happen on my HDL bus in spite of the fact that I have tried both UV 15, UV25 and UV30.

When logic/multisensors sends all these UV switched to my HDL setup my PIR sensors are disabled. Very strange, but it means I can not use UV switches…

Also trying to find ways of reducing the load on my bus…

I have made a donation to appreciate all your help with getting this app as good as possible :crossed_fingers:

Update: In addition it seams that Homey receives or reads UV messages that I do not know is real (produced anywhere). I have now diabled the logic module, and removed logic from the multisensor that submitted UV50, but the flow still tells me that an UV50 message is sent. Does ghost UV exist, and do anyone know competence in the HDL environment that could help on this ?


Related to documentation:
What you have put toghether now is very good, but from my side it still may create misunderstandings and extra work for you and the contributors. My suggestion was to show more details with pictures from the HDL program on how to set it up there as well.

In example how to set up UV switches in motions senors.

How do you want me to do that? I do not find any place where I can add /write on the initiatied documentation on github?

Anyone that can help me with any idea of what is causing the UV switch challenges, it really makes me crazy.

When it comes to the diabled PIR sensors, I will send that to HDL China support (have discussed with ELDI).

So my biggest issue now is that I am not able to use the HDL panels/button to start Homey flows and processes, since when I do initiate a flow based on a UV; the flow starts during the night without anyone pushing the button… I do not have a clue what causes it…

Am I the only one that has experience this ? I have now disabled the logic module and remove the logic module adresse from the HDL Homey app.

Guys, I have no idea where the problem with floorheater is. It has to be in initialaization, because initialized devices works perfect. I can only offer my laptop and visual studio code to try finding problem but I cant do this myself :frowning:

HI @horakmar! I’ll look through the code once more to make sure that it isn’t anything wrong happening before the floor heater driver kicks in. In Italy for until Sunday, so will have to be next week.

@horakmar Could you check for me: Sending signals from the Homey App to the HDL Floor Heater seems to be OK, but could you see if a change on the HDL Device is shown in the Homey App? Does it receive signals from the Bus?

@AndreasL , yes, Homey app get singal from Bus. When I make change in HDL original app, I can see this change in Homey app immediately.

Hi @Fredrik_Meyer-Lampe.
I’m using UV for control between HDL and Homey, in both directions. Without problems. And it works realy fast.
On HDL panels I use the command “Universal switch”, see example below for UV16. I’m using Logic controller to act on UV commands from Homey. (For HDL setup I use “HDL Buspro Setup Tool2” on Windows 11)