HDL Lighting


I was wondering if anyone is working on a integration for HDL System https://www.hdlautomation.com?

Or if there is any developer that would like to create this integration for us? We’re few colleges that have recently putchased Homey and we all have HDL Systems home and at the offices and would love to have an ingeration with Homey.

We’ll be willing to pay for this development, of course at a reasonable price :slight_smile:

Please contact me if you’re interested.

Had a quick look, cant really find a decent documented API to control these devices. It seems someone has created a middleware webserver here but it seems quite complex.

Without a decent documented API it’s hard to create an app, especially if you dont even own the devices.

Probably HDL is willing to make an App for integration in Homey, you can ask them via the form on their site.

I’ll give it a try. Thanks a lot.

Any luck getting HDL BusPro support in Homey?

Today I have had contact with Hdl NL. They are going to look at it.:slight_smile:

I have received a document from HDL.
(HDL Bus communication protocol for integration)
This contains all the codes that are needed to make an app for homey.
Now my knowledge does not go so far that I can make an app for homey with these codes.
Is there anyone who can possibly do this?

Any news on this subject? I am in the process of building a new house and soon have to decided between HDL Buspro or KNX. I am very familiar with HDL and have used ut for almost 10 years so i prefer that.


I have a HDL system installed at home and is looking at building an app for HDL Buspro. I have got the protocol from the HDL Nordic and have tested communication with the devices using both Python and JavaScript/Node.js. The scripts are able to dim lights, read statuses and scan for devices in the buspro network.

The problem is that it is very much work to build a high quality app that passes the Homey certification and I wonder if it is worth spending so much time without being able to get reasonable payment.

Ideally I would provide a basic free app and a more advanced pro app. But as far as I know, Homey App Store does not support purchased apps.

Nevertheless, I will start making an experimental version which may pass as a test-release in Homey App Store.

I will keep you informed about the progress.



I’ve buildt an app now that supports relays and dimmers. Functions well at my home is is sent to Homey app store for approval.


Fantastic that someone is working on this. Let me know if i can contribute in any way! Eivind (Stavanger, HDL house)

Available here: In the App Store :slight_smile:

I have tried your app, its working good. I add dimmers. The system only find the old dimmers model: HDL-MDT0601.233. I have one new, model: HDL-MDT0601.433, the app cant find this dimming module. Is there any fix for that?

And is it possible to get outdoor sensor in system, model: HDL-MSOUT.4W

Thank you

Added now and available for testing (https://homey.app/a/com.github.alydersen.hdl-smartbus-homey/test/). It would be good if you could leave a review in app store too :slight_smile:

I’ve set up a topic where the app can be discussed and requests added at the App Section

The dimmer comes up when I scan relays, not scan on dimmers🙂

Sensor works too, with motion and temp. There is lux in the sensor too, if that is possible to get in.

I get up this when i tried to review in app store.

«TypeError: missing required parameter: version»

Is that on the test link or the normal link?

Thanks - I’ll fix is so that they are dimmers :wink: Will add lux later for all sensors that has that ability

Normal 0.1.1🙂