Abb/busch&jaeger free@home

Anybody busy with an app for the ABB / Busch & Jaeger free@home system? Would be great to connect to Homey.

Hi Henk,

it’s possible to connect Homey with F@H, but you need this KNX gateway: KNX Kit for Homey | Talks with Homey

I can control all the lights in my house within Homey flows.
I’m still struggeling to dim the lights and/or call scenes. If anybody got any tips for that, please let me know!


I’m working on a free at home app for homey?

Are there testers available?

Installable by homey cli

It sounds great with a free at home app for Homey. I would be very interested in that, but I am a new homey user.
Regards Henrik