Abb/busch&jaeger free@home

Anybody busy with an app for the ABB / Busch & Jaeger free@home system? Would be great to connect to Homey.

Hi Henk,

it’s possible to connect Homey with F@H, but you need this KNX gateway: KNX Kit for Homey | Talks with Homey

I can control all the lights in my house within Homey flows.
I’m still struggeling to dim the lights and/or call scenes. If anybody got any tips for that, please let me know!


I’m working on a free at home app for homey?

Are there testers available?

Installable by homey cli

It sounds great with a free at home app for Homey. I would be very interested in that, but I am a new homey user.
Regards Henrik

I tried to add the free@home add but IT says IT is Not compatible with my homey.
I’m new to Homey die to shut down of HCplus.
Pleased Help me Out.
Regards Hendrik

Hi Dominic,
I’m new to Homey die to shut down of HCplus.
I’m Not able to add your f@h App to my homey. What ist wrong? Are there any Hardware requirements?
Regards Hendrik

Is there any further development for the free@home Homey app? I’ll like to see dimmers adder to the app.