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Can you post me a product page from Govee for this device?

I just released a fix for this to the test, should hit production as soon as possible.
Made a device type copy paste error there.

For everyone
I will only take requests for devices that contain:

  1. The product link to the Govee product page
  2. A reference to a similar looking device, in other words: look at the product icons I have created in the app and tell me what product icon would be good for your device.
  3. And a proof of API support by Govee, look at their API (should be supplied to you when you request the API key)

I will no longer spend the time to look into these research items myself. My personal needs for this app were resolved with version 1.0 and I also have a full time job next to my wife and kids (whom one has disabilities take consumes a lot of time).

The Git repository is open also, go ahead an clone it. I made adding new devices rather simple:
You copy the device folder of a device that uses similar icons, you rename the folder to the correct device number and open de following files:

  • device.js
  • driver.js
    And change the old device number in there to the new one
  • driver.compose.json
    Change the device number, the name and the reference to its icons

Next update the icons.
Use the product page images from Govee to grabe a goodquality one, and resize them into the standard required sizes by homey
Use a tool like mindscape to modify the svg if required.

I take any improved svg graphics from the community.
So lets do this as a community please.

Once done, send me a pull request from your clone, I will review and publish asap.

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Awsome :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3: … Will test over the next few days

Hello @Kaoh

I can now add the H619C’s and add them to to rooms but there are no controls for the Light stripes, and I cannot add anything to Flows regarding the H619C - The stripes are not showing - and Govee is not present In the Flow list eigther. I have tried restarting the app and my Homey Pro.

I think I found the error, I just updated the app. After the update hits your device, try again (might still need to re-add it)

First of all I understand your situation. I think as community we should have zero expectations since the development is entirely on volunteer bases. We appreciate all the effort you are putting into it! It is good to have some template for product requests to make the integration easier. I’ve filled out the template for my request, if there is anything else I can do, please let me know. Thanks again!

Govee H61A0 Neon LED Strip Light

  1. The product link to the Govee product page: Govee Neon LED Strip Light – EU-GOVEE

  2. A reference to a similar looking device, in other words: look at the product icons I have created in the app and tell me what product icon would be good for your device.
    I’ve checked the product icons in your app, the icon you can use for this product would be the H6143: 5m RGBIC Strip Light

  3. And a proof of API support by Govee, look at their API (should be supplied to you when you request the API key): I’ve applied for the API for H61A0 and reveived my API key with the Govee API Reference Version 1.4 from Govee, which states API is supported for this product. The device models supported by the current version are: H6160, H6163, H6104, H6109, H6110, H6117, H6159, H7022, H6086, H6089, H6182, H6085, H7014, H5081, H6188, H6135, H6137, H6141, H6142, H6195, H7005, H6083, H6002, H6003, H6148, H6052, H6143, H6144, H6050, H6199, H6054, H5001, H6050, H6154, H6143, H6144, H6072, H6121, H611A, H5080, H6062, H614C, H615A, H615B, H7020, H7021, H614D, H611Z, H611B, H611C, H615C, H615D, H7006, H7007, H7008, H7012, H7013, H7050, H6051, H6056, H6061, H6058, H6073, H6076, H619A, H619C, H618A, H618C, H6008, H6071, H6075 , H614A, H614B, H614E, H618E, H619E, H605B, H6087, H6172, H619B, H619D, H619Z, H61A0, H7060, H610A, H6059, H7028, H6198, H6049

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I have used this App for months now without any issues and 20+ Govee products. Tonight the whole house was dark and only respons I get is “object response” like the app just dont work anymore. I have not done any changes. From one minute to the other it just broke. Any ideas?

I see in the log you submitted indeed that we now get error in the call to retrieve the state of your devices. Unfortunately i did not log or received the error details.
Very strange. Mine still work.
In the latest api update they tweaked the call request limits, with the amount of devices you own that might be causing it.
Please check if your api key is still valid.
I will try to find some time to see if i can change the code to meet the new request limits.

I actually deleted the app and reinstalled, applied for a new api key and start all over from beginning. But unfortunatly I cant add anything at all. Just get this device respons error.
I love your app and has a lot of govee products only because of your app😊
If something dont work with Homey I dont have it.
But I hope you can find out the problem since all my lights are Govee, have like 10 Aura for evening lights. Now it’s dark​:confused::grin:

I got a device request, i got the Govee Glide Hexa Lightpanels , can you add it?

Grtz, Jan

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Please add support for the H61A0

So is this a 100% of the time problem for you?
I seem to have the issue every once in a while. They resolve for me within a limited time (like a couple of hours)

Hi welcome,

I need a bit more info. See this post

Sorry for late reply, i have been away for a while.
Govee support added more units to my account in the API so problem solved. They did see the problem and is planning to increase the amount of lookups one can do. It"s reseted every 24h but a workaround is to control only one unit with homey and let all other in the same flow be controlled by Govee automation. Works flawless now.
Thank for your support and a great App.
Br Anders

I would love to be able to add the h61a0 :relaxed:

Hi Kaoh,
first of all: thank you for your great app and all the time you spend for the community!

I just got one of the Neon Strips, very nice device. Could you please add it?

RBIC Neon Rope H61A23 (in the api I found H61A2 ?), mine is the 5 meter version.

Even if it would be just basic functions…

Thank you!
regards Thilo

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Thank you for providing all the details.
I will put it on my list, got a holiday coming up so ill do an update of the app than.

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Fine, thanks! Have a nice holiday!

Does anyone have experience with Govee led strips (H6110) connecting to Wifi?
I can’t seem to connect them, and thus not being able to use them with Homey.
So far it seems (been searching online) that Govee can’t handle long and/or difficult passwords…
I read somewhere a max of 8 characters?..
That really baffles me, in this day and age.

I’m just wondering if anyone has these connected and if their password meets these ‘requirements’…

It seems to be weird because how many people with smart homes and an understanding of security, would be willing to change their wifi password to something simple… (I’m not, with the amount of connected devices…)
Hope to hear your thoughts, thank you.

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