Govee dreamcolor

Is there an app for Govee dreamcolor led strip or is there one under development? Would be great to control this led strip with homey.


This one


you can turn the device “on” and “off” with your Homey an set a static color. i think, a developer can build a goodone app… but i dont be a dev :wink:

First, you must get a API Key from Govee. You can get it in the govee APP under your Profile ->About us -> Get API Key. You will receive a key instandly to your Emailadress with the actually API reference.

After that you must become out which device ID your device has. I have use the Chrome extention “Advanced REST client”.

You create a new “GET” request - in the header you must add your “govee-api-key” (the key which you become per email). After you send the call you will recive a list of your devices. here can you see the answer.

You need the DeviceID for the next step.

Back to homey you need to create a new flow:

(for the break in the header section you can use Shift+Enter in the Browaserapp

thats all. You can copy that flow an edit “off” in the Body to “on”.

If you has more ideas, tell me plase :wink:

Good luck