Set LED Strip color prior turn on

I have RGB strip controlled by Tuya Zigbee RGB LED Strip controller. I set up simple flow triggered by Virtual Device, which turns on the strip and sets specific color, e.g. red.

However, if the LED strip was previously turned off in e.g. blue color, when the flow starts, it will power on the LED strip in blue color and change the color to red afterwards. So, visualy blue blinks for a second and is changed to red color the next second.

Is there a way to set the the color prior powering on, so LED Strip starts in red? Thanks.

I have exactly same problem using virtual device and Govee led light strip. Sometimes colour doesn’t even change.

I’ve a Tuya wifi+IR multicolor strip, it’s impossible to change anything at all when it is in the Off state (with it’s power enabled, to be clear)

Before I migrated to Homey, I had the same use case configured on Home Assistant and it worked as expected. Looks like Homey cannot handle or requires a specific configuration?

Perhaps you could try the app Party Lights. This app has a map to set your lamp to a specific color. When lamp is off, it will also turn it on to the specified color.

Does nor work. It behaves exactly the same as the workflow I built already, no difference. But thanks for a suggestion.

I will make tomorrow a Party Lights update so it will fix your issues :wink: