Lidl rgb-bulb and hue gateway

I’m having trouble with randomly lost zigbee-devices and my Homey Pro, so I added the light bulb to the Philips hue gateway instead. It’s nicely controllable from both the Hue and Homey color and brightness. However when running a flow with random color change each minute, the lamp just blinks. Am I doing something wrong?

Maybe you can put the flow here so someone can take a look at it.
An for info, don’t know if you were losing connection with Homey or the gateway but the connected devices on Homey or on the gateway are not in the same mesh network.

Oh its the zigbee devices that suddenly no longer is controllable by the Homey.

This is partly in Swedish, but “lämnat nätverket” is left the network. I haven’t seen this on Hue yet.

Can it be that the device lost power for a longer period when using the wall switch accidentally instead?

The color changing flow works just fine with bulbs added directly to the Homey, still have one. But the ones added from the Hue gateway just blinks.

I have actually new information, I was under the impression that it was possible to set the color manually from Homey but it’s not. It just blinks as when using the flow.