INNR - RGBW Bulb - Timeout - Asleep (?)


Is it coming from Homey or from INNR RGBW bulb (ZigBee)?

From time to time, for no reason, I have a timeout (10000) for these bulbs on some flows and even sometimes from a simple power on/power off from the Homey app.

To make it work again, I need to power off the lamp and power it on again by hand… this is not a very well connected product if it needs human intervention each time…

Do I need to immediately buy Philips products? Are they « better » about this annoying behaviour? Any thoughts?


This is so annoying… what’s wrong with INNR and Homey?

Unfortunately, you don’t provide enough information to be able to help you. That could be the reason why no one has replied yet. Please read the topic [Tip] Problems with Homey? and provide some more information, especially regarding your Homey model, everything that has to do with Zigbee and what have you done already she far (apart from unplugging the lamp).

Thank you DirkG.

I read all the tips. Hopefully, I was already applying the ZigBee & Z-Wave recommendations. I have the last version of each products, within range and no any interferences according to WiFi ZigBee Interference Checker therefore, I’m really surprised about this sort of problems.

1E. Homey model: Homey Pro (Early 2023)
2. Homey version: 11.1.0
3. App version: INNR 2.1.31
5. Device: INRR RGBW Bulb
7. Search: done, but nothing helpful found (applying to my case)

Here’s the scheme of my ZigBee network, all routers…

So as you can see, I tried to ping each of my ZigBee INNR RGBW bulbs… majority of them replied excepting “Sofa” this time. But this can be totally random. For example this morning after a night of inactivity, it was “Secretary” that wasn’t responding…

Is there a way to keep all these things awaken? …


Hi Dimitri,

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback.
Based on your information, there should not really be a problem. Therefore a few more questions.

  • Are all lamps permanently powered?
  • Do you have other Zigbee hubs in use?
  • Where have you placed your Homey Pro?
    Take care not to place it in a cupboard, on a glass or metal surface or near other electrical devices. A loudspeaker, for example, has a very large influence.


All lamps always powered.
No any other ZigBee devices.
Homey is alone (blue spot on my scheme).

I just dropped all the INNR bulb for Philips Hue… we’ll see if it’s better.

Okay so just switched to Philips Hue system (without the Bridge right now) and things are working like a charm. You pay these bulbs at the high price but you got what you need: nice colors (and fadings) & awesome compatibility & response time.

So to keep it clear: using Philips Hue products solves all my problems.

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