Innr Lamps, Philips Hue hub and Color Mismatch

Hello everyone,
I recently added two INNR Zigbee Color GU10 RGBW bulbs to my Homey and I am experiencing something really weird:

If I connect the bulbs via the Hue hub, whenever I pick a color from the shortcuts or from the color wheel in the Homey app, the bulb color doesn’t match my choice and after 5/10 seconds the color picker itself moves to another position on the color wheel (which is somehow “closer” to the actual bulb color).
See the app screenshots.

  • If I connect the bulbs to Homey via the INNR app, everything works ok-ish: sometimes exactly the same behaviour occurs. (quite less often but still…)
  • On/off and dimming controls works perfectly
  • The same lights via the Philips Hue App have a perfect color match when changing color.

So I am wondering what kind of a problem is this and if there is any solution besides returning the Innr bulbs and get two Philips. Thanks to anyone who can provide me with some guidance!

I want to suggest to check with the app developer.
Contact details (if available) are always present at the bottom of the app page

Hey Peter, thanks for taking the time.
The developer for the Philips Hue app is actually Athom itself… that’s why I’ve tried the forum.

Whoops, I mixed things up I see now.
Yes Philips hue app is made by Athom, and I think they’ll respond with: sorry, Innr lights are not official supported.

Thanks @Peter_Kawa,
I overlooked this piece of information.
It makes sense now… unfortunately for me.

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