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Yes, I tried.

Did you add the API key in the app settings? If so try again and create a diagnostic report direct after you get this error

Yes I did.



I have the new Govee Neon Light Rope 2.
On/Off is working
Dimming is working
But color changing is not working.

Is it possible to look at?



Can you generate an error report after trying? Unless you gift me one of those steps I have no other way to try :blush:

The api gives no devices as result. Are you sure it’s api enabled?

I read the H6102 is not listed as device in the app. Maybe because it is bluetooth controlled only, not wifi. Unfortunately I could only find that out after I bought the ledstrip.

But I solved the problem by other means: I now monitor the TV power usage by a EnergySockett, and switch the ledstrip on or off using another sockett. Luckily the strip remembers its last state (color etc.).

Thanks for your help anyway. :+1:t2:

Hi Kaoh,

Where can i create the error report?
In the app and the webinterface the color is changing but the neon rope is not responding.
Also in the log i don’s see change of color. (See screenshot)



Those logs don’t show small changes like color or dim levels. You can go to the app list on your homey, find the govee app, settings, app settings, button create error report.

I create the report.


Grt Jeroen

Looking at the log we receive no info on the device color. So it behaves like it doesnt support color. Is it possible for you to delete the devices , restart the app, add the device, try to switch color and send the error report again?


Grt Jeroen

I see indeed all going well, it reports appearing color changes, I see the color changes being send and we get no errors that tell something went wrong.
I am working on a new version of the app, ill give a test version soon, see how that one works for you. I am hoping to put it in test soon.

Before you buy a new device check this list

Thx… have a nice weekend.

@Jeroen_van_Loon but averyone else who wants to try:

I released a new test version just now.

This version holds the rewrite of the new Govee v2 API for the Cloud device type.
Local and Cloud appliances remain untouched.

Devices you own and you added as cloud devices previously should work the same.
New features are:

  • Support for Light scenes and DIY Light scenes
    In the UI there will be new sliders (next to the dim slider) that you can use to switch to different scenes. Unfortunatly it is a bit of gambling what scene you will get since the slider is not capably of showing labels.
    In the flow action cards should be available with a proper named selection list to activate the scene you want.
    On DIY scenes, since API throttle limits also apply here I only load the Light scenes (including the DIY ones) during device init, so if you change DIY’s scenes you need to restart the Govee app to see tham available in the device.
  • Support for Music mode
  • Support for Snapshots
  • beta support for DreamView

Happy testing.


First test looks really good…

Great to see the scene included.

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Test version 2.6.1 now includes Flow support for activating snapshots (if your device supports it) and music mode. Both can only be activated from a flow.
Snapshots can be really usefull to create a complex configuration and switch to it from your flows, it can store more setup elements than the API allows to control.

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Also added beta support for DreamView using a button (state is not communicated so consider it a toggle button). However my device, reports it supports dreamview mode, but it doesnt. Using the button in such cases will give a error.
Would like some feedback if people with devices that truly support dreamview report on how it works for them