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Another release to Test with flow support for segment control.
Another new capability on the new API, but has also some flaws. My device has 19 segments to control, the API only allows for 14 for example.
I also have a device that reports it has segment control, but doesnt respond to segment commands, nor does the official app allow for segment control. So it must be a API mapping issue on their side.

@davidbowie @H1N1 and others that own any Appliance. I released an update to the Test channel (see link above).
I am reworking the Appliance support.

Call to action
Can you install the test version and add your heater again? Once you added the heater let me know if the on/off works for you.
Also I would love to receive the following in a direct mail:

  • Once added send an error report.
  • Go to https://tools.developer.homey.app/ and login there, list your devices. Find the heater and look for a field called capabilities, it holds a large JSON object.
  • Send me the values of that JSON object. I need that info and Govee doesnt dcument the potential info listed.

With that info I should be able to implement advanced support fo the heaters now.

A new version has been released to the Test channel 2.8.1
this version improves on the pairing of new installs, if you did not provide the cloud api key yet and you are trying to pair a cloud device it will now ask for the API key.

New local device feature
On local devices you can now enable “cloud enhance” option per device.
By enabling a cloud enhance feature the features that are supported through the cloud api (like light scenes or snapshots) will become available for the local api device.
All other features (on/off, dim, color, etc) will remain working fully local.
These cloud enhance features do not poll for state, so it still reduces the load on the cloud api (and therefor limits) and it responds faster to state changes of the devices.

For me the advise is now: if your device supports local API, enable it, and add it as local api device. Then enable the cloud enhance setting to get the full experience without the limitations of the cloud api.

Have fun testing these features.

@Tcvava @ruudvanstrijp @Roel_B @Mikkel_Morck
Homey and I came to an agreement and this means I am now a official developer for the Govee app. The good news for you is that this means I made the app Homey cloud/bridge ready. This lastest Test channel release has the first attempt for that. Feel free to test it and provide any feedback.
It is clear that this cloud version does not support the local API devices, so for you there will be only cloud devices. Make sure to request the Govee API key before you start.


I still need support on the appliances for it to mature, please help me out by performing the above steps.

Wow @Kaoh. That is perfect. Local api so that there is not to much polling on the cloud server of govee and still the possibility to select a scene. So i installed the govee 61E0 on my homey. It almost works perfect. Only in local api when using color saturation or random color in the flow it is switch off. At least it seems like it. When i look at the govee app on my phone it seems it selected the color black.
When i also connect the H61E0 with matter i can do the random color or color saturation without a problem. Now i use both, but by local api is what i prefer.

Can you find what is wrong?

Can you dm me a screenshot or two to show exactly what you mean?

Hello @Kaoh .
Govee app keeps crashing.
Homey Pro (Early 2019)
Version 10.0.10
Govee v2.8.3 test version
What I’ve already done.
Power reset, PTP
Deleted the app and reinstalled it.
The problem continues to occur.
Can you check this for me?
Diagnostic Report 1ae3725c-2a2c-4653-8f09-e078d7299df0

This problem seems to be caused by some other app using the port the govee app needs also. The workaround was to disable other apps, restart. Not very elegant, no real solution is found yet. Ill try to handle the error better in a future release.

For other people, this issue has been fixed. As far as i can tell it now also works great with the moods

Hello Vincent.

Could it also be possible to change the scene by number in the flow. I would like that when i enter a room it would select a different scene. I see that every scene has a number attatched. But in the flow i could only pick: “Switch to light scene.” Or a possibility to choose: “Pick random light scene.” in the ‘then’ flow. Everytime the same scene is boring if it could show so much more scenes.

Hi all,

I just received my Homey Pro today and have been setting up my various govee devices. I’ve noticed that my cloud devices have become unresponsive… is there a way to determine if this is because I’ve been rate limited as opposed to homey being unresponsive? It’s my first day, so I’m not sure how best to attribute different issues as I’m coming across them.

Also-really amazing work, Kaoh. I’m extremely impressed by how well integrated all of the local api devices are.

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Are you using the test version or the main one? The test version had improved error handling, so i am hoping you get better throttling errors. It also supports hybrid local devices.

I’ve just switched to the beta, and that seems to have addressed most of the gremlins, aside from a few minor issues when adding new local API devices:

  • The list of available devices changes each time you open the “select device” page
  • The list doesn’t appear to exclude devices that are already present
  • Occasionally the list will include duplicates of the same device. At one point, it showed that I had 70 new local devices to add even though I only own ~10 local API devices, all but one of which was already added.

The last issue was corrected by restarting the govee app within Homey, however this hasn’t resolved items 1 and 2. Again, these are minor issues, but I wanted to raise them in case you weren’t aware.

Thanks such feedback is indeed very valuable.
Ill recheck my duplicates detection code. Its discovery broadcast based, sometimes devices respond slow, so i listen the entire time to find devices. But duplicates i try to filter out. Ill check that code.


One other consideration: is there any way to trigger a govee DIY scene via the cloud without creating a separate “then” action for each individual device one by one? The LIFX local API has that functionality (as well as the ability to trigger a LIFX scene within a specific zone), however I assume that’s a function of LIFX’s API having greater flexibility than Govee.

Hi @Kaoh,

Bought 2 new H60A1 lights. Very happy with these. Using local API.
I cannot find support in the app explicitly mentioned here, however they seem to be working pretty OK.
One remark I found so far: their on/off status does not seem to be synced correctly.

I turn the light on in Homey, and it turns on. A few seconds later “Govee” app indicates to Homey that they are turned off again (unexpected), however, light still on (desired).


Not urgent, not a must, but if there is some time, perhaps this could be investigated.

Thank you very much!!

Thanks for the feedback, ill look into it :+1:t2:

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Can you also send me a diagnostic report sheet after replicating this bahavior?
I can not replicate this with my lights


  • Turn OFF
  • Wait a few seconds
  • Turn ON
  • wait a few seconds
  • Govee App reports OFF again (unexpected) while light is still on (desired)

DiagID: 61bd5f6e-e0b2-4b1d-bf28-c1e406b7f597

There is nothing in the log that indicates wrong behavior. Really weird, no errors and normal states :frowning:
Can you go into your Homey Developer Tools
There find your Govee devices (specially one that you have seen misbhaving) and please send me the values in the capabilitieslist property.