[APP][Pro] AWTRIX Light - Connected Smart Clock for your Smart Home

Homey app for controlling your awesome Awtrix Light, more will be added soon, stay tuned

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State of app:

  • adding via MDNS (AwtrixLight v0.89 and newer)
  • sending basic notifications (text, icon, color, duration)
  • dismiss permanent notification
  • turn on/off display
  • enabling/disabling internal apps (will reboot awtrix)
  • works without pass/with pass (but need to be set in settings after initial pair)
  • playing RTTTL sounds
  • uploading icons to the Awtrix


  • Split message on basic/advanced (where advanced let you define own json)
  • Complete apps support (split to basic, advanced as message, add proper naming convention for delete)
  • Pair process with user/pass
  • Pair with IP only (fallback version)
  • Automatic icon download


  • Polish, polish, polish
  • Update and new update available
  • Icons, and more happy stuff
  • Sleep mode (deep sleep)


  • for icon creation, you can use awesome app Awtrix for iOS/Android created by Blueforcer (author of Awtrix firmware)

Usefull links



v1.0.3 - Initial version
v1.0.6 - reworked icons (now few preloaded), reworked flows, fixed some issues
v1.0.8 - fixes
v1.1.1 - Rewritten from scratch (+ it is possible to set any icon in device with experimental flow)
v1.1.4 - Added IP address capability, new icons
v1.2.0 test - Added support for apps (thx @denniedegroot)
v1.2.1 test - Changed names to Awtrix 3 (follow blueforcer change)


Just an info. During the adding process, the device tile is displayed incorrectly/empty, the icon or the A is not displayed:

Homey App v. (iOS)
Homey Pro (early 2023) firmware v.10.1.0.-rc.2

Yeah, i know… i will fix it in next release… i do not have icons for devices, and forget to put there somethink :smiley:

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In the WebApp the following error message appears when I try to save an advanced flow:


So it’s not possible to save this flow at all.
If I change the time e.g. to 11 seconds, then the flow can be saved.

Homey Pro (early 2023) firmware v.10.1.0.-rc.2
AwtrixLight app v1.0.8

Can you share the flow? Im not sure what flowcard trigger this… guess it will be some of notification ones, i will release fix later today… there is even some crash of app, i guess from you too…

This is a sample advanced flow where the error message appears when I want to save it:

If I change the time from 5 to 1, 6, 11, 16 with the slider, then it works.
If I changed the time once, it’s not possible to choose 5 s, it’s only possible to choose the mentioned one (1, 6, 11, 16…). So I guess the 5 sec. default causes the problem.

Some interesting news… we work together with Blueforcer, author of Awtrix firmware and we will bring some new features in future version (button calls, icon from homey)

Button calls:
If you press button on Awtrix, you will get action in homey, so in future, you can create even better multipage apps (well, when apps will be available :smiley: )

Icon from homey:
This is more interesting, right now, homey must upload icon into Awtrix limited memory to show it, starting with 0.91 we will be capable of sending image from Homey directly, so we will not be limited with awtrix memory :slight_smile: and you can create a great big gallery of images

ATM currently im working on getting better pair process with custom IP option, and next in my todo list is Apps for homey, that one will be more interesting for everyone


I published new test version, any feedback is welcome, as this version is complete rewrite of old application, with better error handling and ability to self recover from lost connection state (well better then crash and reboot :smiley: as current version ).

About apps, i will release in few days first version with their experimental support for them.

Just received this Ulanzi Smart Pixel clock as a gift and flashed it immediately with the Awtrix Light firmware after I found your app. Endless possibilities in combination with Homey, really nice! I hope it takes off a little more.

V1.1.5 seems to work like a charm although I’m not sure how the melodies are supposed to work. Just pasting RTTTL-codes doesn’t really seem to do anything.

Idea for future development: to be able to use different colors for words within a line or message.

Nice job!

Hello, nice to read this, do not worry, im not finished with app yet, i have a lot of ideas what to add, just need some time, some ideas are problematic to implement, im currently switching job so no time spare :frowning:

About RTTTL, you must pass it all, with name part, and speaker on Ulanzi is somethink you really do not want to listen :sweat_smile:

I would like to get the following raw values as capabilities, so it is possible to transfer them to influx easily:

bat_raw (Bat raw value)
ldr_raw (Lux raw value)

The reason is that these values are more informative because the normal lux/bat values seems to be a bit insensitive.

THX Jörg

I’m loving this app and i’m curious to see which next developments of this app will bring.

I’ve got a question how to stop a sticky notification because i can’t see anything else than this notification even if i send some other text/icon?

Just send dismiss notification via flow card

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It is not problem to add this, but im not sure if any other user will benefit from this, as this will 99% users say nothink… i will think about that

Regarding to the bat_raw value I agree, I solved the problem by recalibrating the battery via dev.json on Awtrix level. No need of the bat_raw anymore.

Regrading to the ldr_raw value I would like to mention that the original lux level is not usable because it shows nearly all the time 0% unless you shine with a spot light on the sensor. That is a problem of the watch algorithm and not your app of course. But there is no recalibration option for the lux sensor available.

My intention was to use the ldr_raw as a workaround and instead of the lux value because the ldr_raw value is sensitiv enough even in low light. But this is nice to have, the battery problem was more important.

THX for your time

Are you on slack in homey workspace? Can we discuss this more, i noticed the lux is lets say not ideal, maybe we can fix it a bit :slight_smile:

yes, we can discuss this on slack.

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Hi @Bckp I realy like your app!
Would it be possible to create a kind of continu follow up list of messages?

that show, power consumption, solar power, powers used by the heatpump etc?


Hi, yes, this will be possible using so called apps, apps is permanent notification you can update text and that will cycle thru all apps screen :slight_smile: like the 5 build-in.

I just need some time to figure out how to properly implement this, as apps and notifications have over 20 options, and ofc i need to give some time to work and family, but it is on my todo list for sure!

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