[App][Pro] Philips sleepmapper app, wake up light

Hi all,

Just a post to announce my new Philips Sleepmapper app.
The app adds support for the Philips wakeup light (Somneo). It exposes the sensors from the alarm to Homey and enables main light support.

Not supported:

  • Alarms (on my todo list)
  • Sleep mode (need to find those endpoint still)

Known issues:

  • On my device the Sunset mode doesnt do anything, nor does the Sleepmapper app his this mode, but it is in the API. So if it works for you, please let me know.
  • My wakeup lights (two of them) have trouble staying connected to my Wifi, after a couple of days they become unreachable. So the mobile app suffers from this, but the Homey app also, obviously. Let me know if this is an issue with you also.

Philips Sleepmapper App for Homey | Homey

Hi Koah,

Thanks for your efforts in creating this app! I’d like to adopt our Philips wakeup light (controllable through the SleepMapper app) but unfortunately, after the pairing session, the device shows a red exclamation mark in Homey along with the dreaded “Device unavailable” error.

I tried re-pairing the device, restarting the SleepMapper app (in Homey) etc. The wifi connection to the device is stable and I can control the light perfectly through the smartphone app. Is there anything I can do to assist you with debugging this?

I see i have the same issue now work mine. I’ll give it a debug attempt sometime soon

I just published a new version. The issue seems to be that I loose the Ip address when it changes. I fixed the discovery process so it now finds them again. But… you need to re-add the devices. Sorry about that. I did not store the unique id of the light and thats why the discovery could not be updated to the right device.

So re-add, and it should remain working from this point on

That’s great, thanks for the quick fix! Re-adding it was no problem so no worries.

Hello @Kaoh, there at two models of Somneo … which one is supported by your app? Thanks!

I can’t test them, but I believe both