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Unofficial app for the Govee WIFI enabled devices. This app supports the main light functions as they are available in the Govee API.

Getting started
For Lights (using the cloud API) and the Appliances:
You need to use the Govee app to request the API key for you account.
Then after installing this app you can set the API key in the app settings.
Then you can add the Govee devices.
For local Api devices ensure you enable local API on every device you want to use like this

Check if your device is supported here:
Supported Product Models (govee.com)

Supported devices
Currently the app supports the:
Cloud api enabled lights
Beta: Cloud api Appliances
Local api enabled devices

Cloud API devices (main release)
The Govee API does only allow basic light operations (see Test section for more features), these are:
turn on/off
set color
set color temp
set brightness
no Bluetooth lights

If you set your bar to a color mode, both bars will use that color in full. There is no way to switch back to video mode without the Govee app unless your device support snapshots.

And its available now:

Local API devices

  • The local API devices are much fast in response and dont require cloud support
  • The local API devices will not impact your API throttle limits from Govee, so really helps to solve those kind of issues.
  • The local API devices seem to allow you to add the same light multiple times. These could cause troubles, so I advise against doing it.
  • Local API devices dont know their name, or they dont expose them, so you only get the device type. You can enable/disable local api support on devices to add them on by one.
  • Local API devices require discovery time, after the app starts/restarts it may take a minute or so before all devices are discovered and available (wont be ‘solved’)
  • Local API devices wont receive updates on colortemp changes (they do when you swicth to colortemp mode) made by other apps like the Govee mobile/light app etc, all other updates should be handled really quickly (needs an 3rd party fix)

Test channel
In the test channel there is a rather big new version available that is the first steps in the rewrite to API v2.

  • Allows for Light scene control (Flow and bad UI)
  • Allows for DIY Light scene control (Flow and bad UI)
  • Allows for activation of snapshots (Flow)
  • Allows for control of segments (Flow)
  • Allows for activating the Musicmode (Flow)
  • Allows for activating DreamView (Flow and bad UI)
    For the different modes it is not possible to know in what mode the device is, so status might get out of sync (like the dreamview mode)
  • All devices now have an Online alarm support
  • Local devices can now be enabled to enhance the device with the advanced features through the cloud, see device advanced settings to enable it for a given device
  • Homey cloud is now support (beta)


  • Appliance support has split into more dedicated appliances
  • Thermometer is supported
  • Other appliances support only on/off at this moment

Currently in test

  • Nothing
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Hey @Kaoh,

I got a device request, i got the Govee TV backligts H6104, can you add it?


Device request, the very excellent H5179 WiFi Room Thermometer Hygrometer. These are a battery powered device and could be used as part of a security device for trailers and caravans etc. Cheap and versatile

Can you add the HB6056 lightbar please?

I just put a new version in test (pending release)
Govee | Homey

This version now adds support for:

I can not be sure if all devices work properly through the API. I added some since I think they are close to another one. If they dont work for you please let me know

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Hi, Unfortunatly the API does not seem to support that device.
List of supported devices on the API
H6160, H6163,
H6104, H6109, H6110, H6117, H6159, H7022, H6086, H6089, H6182,
H6085, H7014, H5081, H6188, H6135, H6137, H6141, H6142, H6195,
H7005, H6083, H6002, H6003, H6148, H6052, H6143, H6144, H6050,
H6199, H6054, H5001, H6050, H6154, H6143, H6144, H6072, H6121,
H611A, H5080, H6062, H614C, H615A, H615B, H7020, H7021, H614D,
H611Z, H611B, H611C, H615C, H615D, H7006, H7007, H7008, H7012,
H7013, H7050, H6051, H6056, H6061, H6058, H6073, H6076, H619A,
H619C, H618A, H618C, H6008, H6071, H6075 , H614A, H614B, H614E,
H618E, H619E

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Love it if it is possible to add H6163 and H6143. Keep up the great work.

That’s a shame, thanks for looking though. Pity because it really is a very useful device

Hey @Kaoh ,

I installed the app, received api key, saved it in the app. When i tried tot install my lights. It says object response, after that it doesn’t react. Did i something wrong?

So it does not do the discovery and list your devices? Please try again and when it fails send me a diagnostics report using the app page. Then try to restart the app and see if that resolves the issue

Also make sure to trim your key, sometimes a copy paste adds a space on the rear for example. If that is the cause I’ll add some trim code in the next release

Hey Vincent,

Heb je het rapport doorgestuurd. Hij laat inderdaad geen lijst van apparaten zien. Ik heb eerst de app verwijdered daarna terug geinstalleerd, en nieuwe Api key aangevraagd. Hierbij extra aandacht gegeven aan de spaties voor-en achteraan.

Hierbij de code van het rapport: 85d1d24f-7bb3-48ff-8899-3a0fef689594

Nu heb ik ineens de herstart van de app gedaan, en doet hij het wel.

Bedankt voor je moeite!


If you could please keep the conversation in English as much as possible, then more people will be able to participate and help you. If you would rather not or can’t communicate in English then please check out Non-English boards/catregories:

New test version 1.3 includes these also:

Thanks for the report. I see I only loaded the API key from the settings during initialization. Added additional refresh during pairing. So should be fixed now

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Hee Vincent. Great. Thank you. I can confirm that H6143 and H6163 is working. :+1:


I have a H6110, 2*5m RDB light strip. You can find data from get/devices from it:

"data": {
        "devices": [
                "device": "XXX",
                "model": "H6110",
                "deviceName": "H6110_XXX",
                "controllable": true,
                "retrievable": true,
                "supportCmds": [
                "properties": {
                    "colorTem": {
                        "range": {
                            "min": 2000,
                            "max": 9000

If you can add it, it would be great !

Thanks for your work !

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Can you add H6072

This lamp looks amazing


Is it possible to add H6138.