[APP][Pro] Bticino/Legrand/Netatmo - Home control, based on Netatmo Cloud API

Hi Bruno,

Unfortunately, Netatmo are not providing me with this ability in their API.

All I get from Netatmo on these devices are the batter-status and the reachable state.

I am sorry I could not help more …

Many Thanks for your answer … i know “Legrand with Netatmo” is not very helpful …

My pleasure - sorry I could not help.

Hi Gal,

First i want to thank you for your work on this app. It’s really awesome.

I have some special request for you. On my wireless switches, it is impossible to recover the pulse information. However, the idea is precisely to be able to use these impulses to activate or deactivate a light or a power outlet. Would it be possible to add this information? This concerns module 064872 (arrival/departure) and module 600083.

Furthermore, regarding the dimmer switch, it is impossible to vary the light intensity, the error message (“Missing Capability Listener: dim”) is displayed.

Thanks for your help


Hi Tony,

Thank you for the warm words.
As for the wireless switches - I completely agree with what you said. The problem is that Netatmo are not exposing a way to see or to set the status of the controlled device. It is very unfortunate, but there is really nothing I can do till they fix their side :frowning:

As for the dimmer, this sounds like a bug on my side.
Will you be willing to share your home with me so I can see the problem?
In order to share your home, open the Netatmo Control + app on your smartphone, click the settings (“Gear”) icon at the bottom, choose “Guests” and then “Invite a user”. Use my email.

Notice that once you share your home with me, i will be able to see all of your devices. I am committed not to change any of your devices without contacting you first.


Hello Gal,
I first wanted to thank you for the work you do on this application.
At my level I have a little problem, I can’t see the consumption history in homey (insights), this gives an error message (rrdcached@ rrd_fetch_r failed: mmaping file ‘/ user/rrd/b426479495148c1d9a574dbe4ee134f3’: Invalid argument),
think you know where the problem could come from.
I thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

Hello gal
I have buyed a homey pro for connect my Bticino system. And I have a eos 300 and connect to Netatmo.
I try connect with homey but it always say.
No device found. Home and control is working

What make I wrong ? Thanks and greetings from Austria.

Best regards peter

@Ncost974 - sorry for my late response, I had to think it through a bit.
I have a few questions:

  1. Can you please explain exactly how do you try to see the consumption history? A screenshot of what you are trying todo would be the best
    I tried taking a “power outlet” of my app and add “Power Usage” insight like this:

Is this what you are trying to do?

  1. Is it related to a specific device? If yes, which device is it that you are trying to monitor? Can you try with a different device? Is it the same result?

@Peter_Gfrerer - I would LOVE to add support to the Bticino 300EOS within my app!
Would you be willing to share your home with me, so I will be able to implement the integration?
The way to add me as a guest to your house is:

  1. Open the Netatmo Home+ Security App on your smartphone
  2. Click the "Settings’ icon (the “Gear” icon) at the bottom
  3. Choose “User Management”
  4. Invite me by using my email.

If you agree, I must warn you that I will have access to your devices. Keep in mind that I will also be able to see the pictures of any of your cameras (including the 300EOS) so keep that in mind concerning your privacy.
I promise not to change any of your device settings without coordinating with you first.
I totally understand if you do not feel comfortable in adding me as a guest - it’s perfectly understandable, but this is the only way I can implement the integration to this device.

Thanks is done should become 2 emails
One from control and one from security app

Got the access. Thanks!

Give me a few days and I will add support to the device.

no worries about the delay, don’t worry.
So it’s to see the consumption history of my sockets, and both have exactly the same problem, but I have the instantaneous consumption on the home page. Thanks for your help.


I released a new major version, version 1.1.1. It is now waiting to be approved by Athom.
On May-28, Netatmo are planning on changing their Token acquiring logic in order to enhance their security. Version 1.1.1 of the app aligns the code to comply with this new logic.

The version was tested by several beta testers and is working properly, but on one case there was a problem when upgrading from older version to this one.

Once you get the update, if from some reason your devices are not being updated or you fail to set values of some devices (e.g., turn on/off, dim, set-target-temperature, etc) - you should pick any one of your Netatmo devices, remove it and add it again. It doesn’t matter which device you choose, as long as its from my Bticino/Legrand/Netatmo app.
This will refresh your token and will fix the issue

As usual, I am here for you for any issue you encounter. Please feel free to contact me through this forum, or privately.

Thank you,

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@Ncost974 - can you try doing this with a different device type from my app (for example, a light switch or any other device type that you have)? Do you succeed in doing this for devices in other apps?

I, i sent you an invitation to my home.

Hello Gal,
with the new update everything works perfectly now.
Thank you for your involvement and your time that you devote to each of us.

Thanks for letting me know, glad to hear all is working well.

Hello Gal,
I wanted to know about power outlets, are there plans to add consumption monitoring in Kwh? For example to know the daily consumption of a socket.

Thanks you.

Power consumption is an excellent idea!
So would you expect to see a capability with consumption in kwh for the last 24 hour? Or would you also want to see the consumption for the last hour / last week / last month etc?

Hello Gal, glad to see that you like the idea, in my case one consumption per day, week, and month is ideal, to be able to have a little history on the power outlet. Thanks You.