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I received the Homey Bridge today so I need to play with it but my guess is that the same IR signal will be send out from Homey Pro and Homey bridge at the same time, it will function as a repeater.

Edit: I tried and indeed Homey Bridge does nothing. First tried IR with Homey Pro which worked. The covered Homey Pro and then IR does not work. After setting up Homey Bridge next to (covered) Homey Pro, Homey Bridge did not send out anything.

Wrong guess

Homey Bridge can also act as a transmitter for your Infrared and 433 MHz devices. You can choose per-device whether to use Homey Pro itself, or one of your Homey Bridges as antenna.

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Exactly, see Edit of my previous post. Problem here is that the text says the device settings should be altered but I did not use a device for IR, just a Flow. Simply because my device is not in the Homey IR database.


Will there be an update on this app for Homey Pro Early 2023?


Anyone has contact on @Remko ?

Hi guys, I also need an integration to Broadlink from Homey pro 2023. Why does it not work anymore? I need it because the Homey Pro is not able to learn 433 signals, and the broadlink device does. Would be even easier to enable the 433 ‘learn’ function again, wich I read was available in the previous Homey device of 2019? Why did that change?

Is there anyone who has tried the version on GitHub that might work on the Homey Pro 2023?

Haven’t tried but seems reasonable, so should be working… (haven’t tested myself).
I have also contacted original developer, eg. to publish it in the store but no answer unfortunately.
So the only way for you now is via CLI install.

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It seems like there really should be an app for Broadlink RM4 pro on the Homey pro 2023.

Could anyone make this or should we reach out to Broadlink perhaps?

I tried the version on GitHub and made an CLI install on my Homey Pro 2023.
I managed to get my RM Mini 3 to work - but you can’t change the names of the RC commands, but you can live with that, just note which is which.
As for my RM Pro, it got harder. Installed it as a Pro Plus (which the app wanted), then it was possible to save IR codes, but not use them (gets an error with something wrong in an array or whatever it was).
Changed the app settings to install what I want it to be (Compabillity Mode), well, finally an RM Pro - got the same problem. Finally, I tried selecting RM Mini 3 for my RM Pro - then it worked. But you cannot rename the RC commands, but you can create flows where you enter which RC sends which IR signal, and you can not use RF.

So with a lot of work I got it working decently, not perfect but enough to be able to use both the RM Mini 3 and the RM pro on my Homey Pro (2023)!

And then one can hope that a real app will appear in the future.

How to do a CLI install:

The app on GitHub:

Hi, I have already contacted broadlink and i get the following answer. You can also contact broadlink. Maybe when they are many requested they will maybe make the app.

upport support@ibroadlink.com 22 jan 2024, 08:56

aan mij

Dear customer,

Thank you for contacting BroadLink.

Some users have managed to implement BroadLink products to Homey but it is a third-party plugin that is not officially supported and thus beyond our support.

We do not have information on how to use BroadLink devices Homey(though it may be possible), it is recommended to contact the Homey community for further information.

Thanks for your understanding.

Best Regards

BroadLink International Support Team

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