IR Repeater/Extender/Blaster

I’ve gotten a Dyson AM06 fan I’d like to control using Homey based on the temperature in my bedroom, but Homey lives in the living room, since I’d like to be able to control TV and HiFi as well.

Is it possible to add a IR repeater/extender/blaster in a second room that transmits the same IR signals that would normally come directly from Homey?

Broadcom rm mini from ali express

Looks good.

But how do I then tell Homey to send the Dyson IR signals via the Broadlink RM Mini?

Remotec has an Z-Wave iR blaster for like airconditioners:

Install the broadlink app in the athom appstore. Broadlink can learn the ir signals

You can also use something like this: from marmitek. This only repeats the IR signal, so you need to make sure homey can learn the IR signal needed for your fan.

Hi Peter,

Works the broadlink app also in Homey 2.0?

Yeah works great. Can’t tell you iff installing will be a problem, because it already was installed on my homey before the update. You better can check that with the developer

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your answer. I have it also installed on my Homey. So you have installed it also on Homey 2.0 and works. Great. I contacted Athom if the braodlink app is wrote in Web Api but they couldn’t tell me. Also i contacted the developer Remco Wensveen but i didn’t get an answer.