I have broadlink rm+ how do i use it with homey?

i found it in homey
but i dont know how to create flow with infra red comand?
i already set my my air conditioner in ihc app but i do not know how to connect it and sync the comands to my homey
plz help

Have you read the app’s description? that explains everything, in the correct order to do them.

no i dident read it
i dont know where to find it and if u can give me the link i will very appriciate it :smiley:

i maneged to create list of ir comand
and created virtual buton who will activate it as soon as i press

but what i still dident understand is how to create button with off and on not just single type
the virtual button has only single click
can i change it ?

Right in the appstore, I guess you searched for it in Homey alone, you’ll miss a lot of stuff as a lot if things are explained in the description of apps:

As for the on/off, use the virtual socket, instead of the virtual button.

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Ahhh got it !! 10x!!