Broadlink - Air Conditioner

Hello guys!
Sorry if is the worng place to post…
I’ve issue, I’ve an Air Conditioner (Tornado Module), and my AC by the way is also controlled by Wifi, as you guys probbely know, in our AC remote there is more then 300+ IR Codes.

My friend have another AC module and he find ALL the codes when he added that AC on IHC App.
And he have all the codes (and even status).

What can I do?

Add yours into IHC and you should also have 300+ IR Code, I know mine does.
But if you are asking if the Homey broadlink app is able to communicate using the IHC’s library of AC templates, unfortunately no.
The app is reverse engineered so the only function it can do it to copy the codes you add to the broadlink IR blaster.
Besides, you ever only use that few settings only right?

I tried to figure this out recently as well and this is my solution

The IHC app doesn’t integrate into the Homey/Broadlink app. You have to essentially program your remote again. The infrared sends a complex IR signal, so a single power on button will also transmit the temperature, fan speed etc for most AC.

i don’t really change the temperature of my ac so i just made a Virtual Device to toggle the aircon on. Changing the device state will send a flow to the broadlink app to send either on/off IR signal. This way I can somewhat know the “state” of my AC if i control it purely thru the Homey system.

How are you are sending a fixed on off IR signal without the other data?

Hey, I also faced the same Air Conditioner problem. I could not understand what can I do and controlled the ac remote. I also changed the ac fans but could not be solve the problem. But If I ac repair then what service center will be best for repairing?