Broadlink RM mini lost all it's IR commands due to Homey update


Since the update to Homey 6.0, the broadlink app lost all his saved IR commands (they are literally still visible but cannot be used). You have to relearn them again. Not funny if this will be lost on every update.

Someone else with this problem?

Kind regards

I don’t own a Broadlink but are the learned ir codes still there and the flows not working or are all the learned ir codes gone?
Did you restart the app? Did you did a PTP with Homey?

The commands were still there and the flows too with the learned commands in it but they don’t work. Even after a restart. When I deleted the IR commands and made hem again, it works fine, but I don’t like the fact that an update made it unavailable.

I have no idea what the cause of it was.
Maybe send a email to Athom.

Works fine overhere after the update. Pherhaps the broadlink lossed its wifi connection. Had that in the passed also sometimes

I guess the saved IR commands are saved in Homey? Or in the broadlink device?

I guess in the broadlink device

Did you check the connection?